How Does Physiotherapy Help After a Car Accident?


About half of car accidents are rear-end collisions. This type of accident causes whiplash, a condition relieved through the help of physiotherapy. Physical therapy also helps people recover from other types of car accident injuries. By working with a physiotherapist, you can achieve strides in your recovery following an automobile accident. Below are five reasons to work with one of these therapists after a car crash.  Ask a professional if you need to learn more about In-Home Therapeutics.

Physical Therapy Aids Recovery

Physiotherapy (PT) helps people recover from their auto accidents. It typically takes a few days or more to recognize the extent of your injuries because of the body’s delayed response. When you attempt to go back to your normal daily routine, you may experience pain, reduced mobility, stiffness, migraines or other chronic headaches. By going to an expert, they can make a record of all the treatments you have, and this could be helpful if you want to make a claim. Go here to see how they could use this as evidence in your car accident case.

Also, PT improves your flexibility, strength and post-accident symptoms. Through a custom-designed therapeutic routine, you can get back to your normal physical condition and well-being more rapidly.

PT Reduces or Even Prevents Long-Term Damage

PT helps you recover from immediate injuries suffered in your accident, as explored above. But It can also help you achieve better long-term wellness through improved strength, mobility and flexibility. PT even prevents some enduring problems after accidents, such as chronic migraines or other ongoing pain. If you do not address your symptoms right after the accident, the damage you can suffer only increases. Starting PT immediately prevents lingering pain and conditions like degenerative disc disease.

Physical Activity Reduces Pain

After your accident, moving around can sound counter-intuitive. You hurt so much from your whiplash or other injuries that you just feel like remaining still. But physical activity actually reduces pain and speeds injury recovery more rapidly than resting in bed. By moving around, your body supplies more oxygenated blood and nutrients to the regions of your injuries. This enables the body to heal.

Your physiotherapist prepares a customized program to address your pain and body mechanics. Through each stretch or exercise, they help you achieve physical goals, such as to improve your functioning and mobility.

Physical Therapy Can Prevent the Need for Surgery

Some injuries sustained in automobile accidents require immediate surgery. But other injuries can create enduring problems that lead to later need for invasive medical procedures. Particularly later in life and in relation to the effects of aging, old auto accident injuries often necessitate surgery.

By seeking PT, you can avoid the later complications derived from ongoing wear and tear at injury sites. Through your therapy, you gain strength in vulnerable muscles, ligaments and tendons. Physical therapy can help treat your pain, saving you a lot of money lost to medications and surgeries. Besides these benefits, PT reduces your need for down time and enables you to get on with your productive life.

PT Even Helps People with Old Auto Accident Injuries

If you were in a car accident years ago and still suffer mobility, flexibility or pain issues, you can still benefit from PT. In fact, your physical therapy can help restore your fluid movement and functioning. Through strength training and cardiovascular rehabilitation exercises, your physiotherapist can help restore your pain-free, pre-accident lifestyle. Because PT is non-invasive and safe, you can benefit far beyond what you can experience or achieve through opioid pain medications. In some cases of old injuries though, it is better to turn to the help of a chiropractor — they can identify the cause of the prolonged painful sensations and aid your full recovery no matter how much time has passed since the accident. Car accident chiropractic Austin perfectly explains how this type of therapy works.

physical therapy
Pretty patient sitting on the blue mat in the gym and training with the ball

Do Not Delay Your Physical Therapy after an Auto Accident

It is important to start your PT as soon after your traffic accident, as possible. Although PT can help at any time after your injuries, you will enjoy the most benefit if you pursue treatment early. Talk to your doctor about physical therapy and their recommendations for a qualified therapist near you.

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