How Foam Wedge Pillows Work Towards Diminishing Chronic Pain


Most Americans spend a large portion of their day seated. Many of them are not seated in chairs that provide their bodies with adequate support. This lack of support over time causes significant damage and can cause people to develop chronic pain. Chronic pain caused by staying seated for extended periods is often located in the lower back, hips, or buttocks. 

How to Improve Chronic Pain

When you are trying to develop a plan to improve chronic pain, you have to first figure out what is causing the pain. If your pain radiates from the area near your lower back, tailbone, or hips, it could be from sitting without proper support for long periods. 

Sitting place 3 times as much pressure on the tail bone as standing. This pressure over a long period can start to cause chronic pain. When you sit for a long time without proper support, you cannot maintain good posture, which leads to you slouching, which can lead to chronic back pain. 

A chiropractor can help you develop a plan to support and correct issues causing your chronic pain. They will start adjusting your bones and joints to help to get them back in their proper positions. This will take some time because your body will need time to adapt, and your bones will have to learn to stay in their correct places. 

You will want to purchase seat cushions to provide you with the appropriate support you need when seated for an extended period. This will ensure that you are not causing any further damage to your body or erasing the progress your chiropractor is making while trying to repair the damage that is causing your chronic pain. 

Best Support Cushions To Purchase

There are 2 prominent places that your body needs support when seated. 

1. Seat Cushion

This is the most crucial cushion of the 2. Earlier it was mentioned that the pressure on the tailbone increase by 300% when you sit down. This is why you must be using a seat cushion that provides adequate support. A foam wedge pillow is a great choice.

This wedged pillow can take the increased pressure on the tailbone and evenly distribute it between the hips and thighs. This helps to take a lot of pressure on the sciatica nerve. This nerve becoming pinched is a common source of chronic pain. 

2. Lumbar Cushion

When you look at a healthy spine, you will notice that towards the base, it curves inward. Now, look at the back of most chairs, and you will see that they are entirely straight. How is something that is straight suppose to give adequate support to something curved? The answer is simple, it can’t.

The curved area is known as the lumbar of your back, and you need to find a cushion that can feel in the gap between your lumbar and the chair to help and provide you with additional support to help you maintain proper posture. 

Steps To Take To Diminish Chronic Pain

You need to be doing certain things to make sure that you are on the right track to start to get rid of your chronic pain.

1. Visit Your Chiropractor Regularly

Make sure that you are visiting your chiropractor as often as he suggests so that you can start on the road to recovery and kiss your chronic pain goodbye. He may tell you additional exercises or stretches you need to do to help repair the damage that is causing your pain.

2. Use Your Foam Wedge Pillow When You Sit

Never leave home without your foam wedge pillow. It needs to be under you every single time you sit down if you want to get rid of your chronic pain. Sitting without the proper support will erase any progress that your chiropractor is making with your recovery. 

3. Strive to Always Maintain Proper Posture

Good posture is a vital part of having good overall health. If you want to get rid of your chronic pain for good, you need to always have proper posture. Allowing yourself to slouch and have lazy posture can erase the progress that your chiropractor is making.

Purchase a Foam Wedge Pillow Today

It is time to get started on the road to diminishing your chronic pain; this means it is time for you to purchase a foam wedge pillow. Remember you want to choose a pillow that will be easy to travel with because you will need to have it with you at all times. Since you will be using it daily, you will also want to make sure that it is machine washable to clean it quickly when it needs it. Get your foam wedge pillow today so you can start to feel relief from your chronic pain. 

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