How Good Are Outdoor TV Antennas Actually


In this age and day, we can hardly “survive” a day or two without television. Even for some of us that are so busy for TV, your spouse, kid, or kin will ‘kill you’ if they miss their favorite TV show just because you forgot to pay your monthly cable bill or bad weather happened. Well, with the availability of satellite and cable receivers, as well as modern television sets that come equipped with wireless online streaming capabilities, outdoor antennas have since then been seen as old fashioned, but take a chill pill and read on. Talk about costs, convenience, and access, there’s a chance you badly need that outdoor antenna more than you might have thought.

For starters, cable antenna or satellite dish reception may occasionally black-out and disrupt your entire TV experience, especially when it’s really humid, too foggy, or raining pets. Depending on your provider, cable subscriptions will also eat like termites into your monthly budget, but hey, we all have different preferences as far as TV experience is concerned, right? Well, the truth is, an outdoor antenna can make your life easier and more fun for several reasons. In this article, it is explained to you the reasons why you should consider tv aerial installation for your TV. 

1. They’re Cheaper

Compared to Pay TV, one of the best things about outdoor antennas is that they help you save tens to hundreds or even thousands of bucks each month. With the introduction of other receivers that come with the latest technological catches and trends, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets just to have them air your channels of choice. But this may not be practical for those who don’t need to watch many channels, and in this case, outdoor antennas become the perfect solution.

Still, however, your TV experience will depend on the strength of your antenna and how many over-the-air (OTA) channels it can pick up, with or without a set-top box. John Temple from says that with a great outdoor antenna, you can get a better live TV experience while minimizing your monthly costs on TV. Even if you have an active subscription for pay TV, you can maximize your channel range while ensuring you have a backup plan in case your subscribed services are down. Outdoor antennas also benefit those who do not spend much time on the TV and are only interested in the free to air channels because you do not have to pay for them.

2. High Signal Transmission

High Signal Transmission

When embracing technology, it is always wise to carefully consider the step you’re taking. Is it a progressive step or an advancement step? This should also apply when choosing an HDTV antenna for your digital TV. Outdoor antennas have a high signal quality transmission compared to the modern indoor antennas. The signals are transmitted and received without compressions. With High-quality reception, it makes it easier to view images in high definition. You will notice without a doubt that day or night, the image quality when using an outdoor antenna is more superior compared to the one experienced with satellite and cable TV. This is because the signal quality tends to directly dictate image quality.

3. A Wider Reception

Outdoor antennas have a wider reception base compared to any other receiver. Depending on where you live, you can actually receive more than what it is supposed to offer to the waves around. If you live in an area where broadcast towers are present, be sure to catch the channels aired by the towers free of charge! Imagine watching channels other people pay for – for free? This is another great reason to consider installing an outdoor TV antenna for your home.

4. Higher Frequency Level

Despite the outdoor antenna being an outdoor device, it gives access to digital TV channels with better signal transmission, reception, and quality. All this equates to higher-level frequency transmission. For better signal qualities, outdoor TV antennas are best placed at higher elevations. Provided the positioning and installation are right, clarity should never be an issue when using an outdoor TV antenna.

As earlier mentioned, outdoor TV aerials come in different sizes, features, shapes, and capacities, among other factors. The price, quality, performance, and ease of assembly may depend on these factors. In addition to these, when purchasing an outdoor antenna, you will also need to consider the installation procedure and the signal reception strength. It’s best to also know your building’s structure so you can avoid transmission boundaries.

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