How hard is it to pass the CCIE exam?

Cisco certification is launched by Cisco, a well-known manufacturer in the network field, and is an international authoritative certification in the Internet field. Anyone who knows Cisco Certification CCIE knows that its certification exam includes a two-hour written qualifying exam and a two-day lab exam, which is very difficult and expensive. Because Cisco pays special attention to the practical ability of certified personnel, the lab exams are especially difficult.

Li Jin, a teacher at the School of Network Technology of Tianjin University, passed the Cisco certification CCIE in 2000. He recalled the situation of the experimental exam at that time and said that the first day of the laboratory exam will give candidates a lot of equipment and a need to build a network, requiring candidates to connect the network and make it work normally; on the second day, the examiner will deliberately destroy your network, candidates should use the skills and tools they have learned to find faults and solve them.

The experiment is the most difficult test content of the Cisco certification CCIE, which is called the devil’s test by the candidates. Only through the experimental assessment, can you become a real Cisco certified CCIE. According to Cisco statistics, candidates take an average of 2.6 passes to pass the lab exam. It took Li Jin about a year to pass the exam three times. He recalled: “The experimental exam is different from the written exam, it does not have any reference, what needs is that candidates can fully study and solve existing problems in a short time, and they also need to maintain good health under the high-intensity and tense test pressure. The mentality and physical fitness are indispensable.” It can be said that the two-day experimental exam not only simulated the real network environment, but also simulated the real life environment.

Many people who have participated in Cisco training and Cisco certification exams have summarized the following experiences:

Because Cisco certified materials are all in English, although there are many translation materials at present, there are often some mistakes, so it is recommended to learn English well, and in the usual learning process, learn directly in English as much as possible; You can’t stick to one method to learn, such as simply learning a book, the effect is definitely not good. You should study a few more books, compare the same knowledge points, and draw inferences from one case, and the learning effect will be better; learning methods are very important, and focus on cultivating your own abilities, such as finding materials, thinking and solving problems yourself, and summarizing in time, etc. You can’t just ask questions diligently, because the exam is flexible and only by relying on your own ability, digesting and applying the knowledge, can you truly master this knowledge.

The Cisco Certified Network Certification is very helpful to you, it not only makes you more recognized by your boss and colleagues, but also really improves your understanding and problem-solving ability, and makes yourself more confident about work and life, so this exam even if it is very difficult, it is still worth studying for.