How Has Freelancing Changed and Why Trading is Almost Always a Part of It


Back when online freelancing started to gain popularity, it consisted mainly of writing and mini-tasks that people would complete. It certainly wasn’t as developed a field as it is today.

At the moment, almost any type of job can be practiced online, in freelance capacity. If we stretch things a bit, we could say that even plumbers can guide their clients through their plumbing problems and solve various minor issues from the comforts of their own homes.

In short, freelancing has evolved to a point where almost anyone can enjoy its benefits. If you want a job with no fixed schedule and with a tad more free-time benefit, then freelancing is for you. But there’s more to freelancing than just doing a job or completing a task.

How Much of the Economy is Freelancing?

According to various data and statistics, the US freelance economy is valued at more than $1.2 trillion. But these numbers don’t do justice to the actual changes that freelancing as an industry has experienced.

For example, roughly 36% of adult professionals that have an established career in their field said they are willing and likely to start freelancing full-time. Why? Well, simply because the earning potential is increased and the same applies to the benefits.

Basically, there are little to no downsides to the freelance life compared to a nine-to-five office job.

It’s More Than Jobs and Tasks

As mentioned above, freelancing now involves more than just completing a task or doing your job in a freelance capacity. Traders are also considered freelancers – whereas traveling freelancers/traders are considered digital nomads.

Professionals traders can do something as simple as sending forex signals to their followers and earn money by doing so. It’s still freelancing. Trading from an office of the NY’s stock market is no longer the norm, so to speak.

How Trading Complements Freelancing

It is well known that a freelancer can earn their monthly paycheck with fewer hours worked than the usual office worker. In many cases, a 6 or even 4-hour schedule will round up the same amount of money as a full 8-hour day.

As such, freelancers have more free time to – to do what? – make more money. Since trading is now easily accessible and beginner-friendly, more and more people are picking it up as a side gig.

Ultimately, regardless of whether they trade binary options or stocks, their goal is to replace their freelance jobs with a professional and diverse trading account that earns them money.

The Main Result

In the end, almost all freelancers either engage in trading or at least study it (to potentially pick it up in the future). Thanks to the expansion of crypto and the GameStop stock story, trading is no longer a privilege of the wealthy, so to speak.

Any freelancer with $10 to spare can pick up trading. So why wouldn’t they?

The Bottom Line

Freelancing changed and is still changing. Nowadays, people hire even virtual assistants to tend to their schedule, regardless if they work in a physical office or remotely.

Basically, freelancers have found a way to integrate with the rest of the business society and become an essential part of it. Believe it or not, the best SEO experts out there are freelancers, and they would probably never even consider taking up an office job with a strict schedule!


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