How Has Technology Developed In The Last 10 Years?


At this point in time, it is safe to assume that we all are huge consumers of modern technology. From the TV you use in your home to the smartphone you are probably viewing this page from, one thing is for sure. We have more than enough reasons to agree that technology has changed the way we live, socialize, interact, and do business. It has had an influence in many sectors of the economy, from healthcare to finance, industrialization, tourism, trade, entertainment, and pretty much anything you can think of.

We have particularly seen tremendous improvement in technology revolving around smartphones, tablets, social networking, wearable technology, and virtual/augmented reality. An example is the augmented reality navigation. AR’s role with indoor mapping really provides an easy solution when it comes to finding directions. This is not to mention e-commerce and internet marketing, which have created a whole new market and sources of income to millions of people around the globe. The truth is, we can hardly exhaust the topic when talking about technological advancement in a single article. With this having been said, here are some insights on how technology has developed over the last ten years.

1. E-Commerce

Technology has changed lives completely! Gone are the days when we used to queue in stores to make purchases of essential items. Nowadays, with just a single tap, you can get all your ordered goods at your doorstep. Secure purchases have also been advanced from cash and swiping to the use of fingerprints. Who knows what will be next? A retinal scan or face scans like smartphones? Innovations in the business sector have boosted the business’s growth across borders, especially since technology has encouraged shipping from all over the world.  There are also great ways to enjoy all kinds of e-commerce such as judi online  and others.

2. Hoverboards

Also known as self-balancing scooters, 2013, saw the invention of hoverboards. Do you know those smart and fancy 2-wheeled battery-powered devices that you step on for a ride without struggling too much to achieve balance while on the move? Well, these incredible motorized devices became all the rage around 2014/15 but were marred with safety issues shortly after when teenagers went crazy about them.

Some years down the line, hoverboard technology has advanced a great deal. These awesome pieces of innovation have become immensely popular over the years, thanks to the fun and joy they provide to the user. But like anything else in the market, not all units in the hoverboard market are the same. Picking a great hoverboard is the best way to ensure your safety as well as maximize the fun. With expert knowledge of some of the best hoverboards on the market, you don’t have to scratch your head for hours or days doing research. You will approach the market, knowing just which unit to pick for the utmost convenience. Modern hoverboards come with several addictively exciting features, including:

  • Responsive sensors for improved control
  • Capable of doing a 20-degree angle climb
  • Long-lasting battery charge
  • Cool and unique aesthetic LED lights
  • Music player with wireless connectivity

3. Wi-Fi

The addiction that comes with the internet is sickening. The internet paved the way to all the answers to the questions we had, have, and will have. All the info you need is in your pocket or in your hands. Wi-Fi also evolved from the big and bulky to small portable pocket Wi-Fi units. Wi-Fi has enabled online shopping, banking, and instant communication. Today’s efficient Wi-Fi allows your appliances to alert you when the food in your fridge is about to expire or when the detergent in the washing machine is running out. It can also give you an update on how clear the roads are for you to choose your routes wisely. Talk about the convenience of smart living!

4. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

This is not a new thing, especially if you are a fan of the malls. Virtual reality connects the technological world to the real world. You are supposed to wear some vision sensory pieces of equipment and stand on an unstable base that moves from side to side. Your hands are placed in a supporting state to stop you from falling. The vision equipment gives you some virtual sight of things where you see something that does not exist in 3-7 dimensions. That situation manifests the virtual picture to seem like a reality, and your adrenaline will be triggered. Mostly popular in the world of gaming, VR and Augmented Reality technologies have found numerous applications in various industries. Some of these include aeronautic engineering, construction, film-making, military applications, and the fitness industry, just to name a few.

5. Wearable Technology

Do you remember when mobile phones were introduced in the market? They were big and bulky, with unclear pictures and very demanding. What do we have in the market now? They come in small, sleek, light, and wireless devices that are addictive and fun to carry. Some come with a smartwatch, whose functions were limited initially. What we have now is a mini-computer that is worn around the wrist to perform literally any computational function that a regular computer can.

As earlier stated, technology has advanced far and wide over the past decade. We can never run out of innovations to speak about based on this topic. The above are just a few technological developments that took place in the last ten years and got many people’s attention around the globe.

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