How I Aced My Difficult Exam without Studying Much


I have never been a studious person. It always seemed irrelevant to study when there are so many fun things to do by myself or with others. The only thing that I like which can be linked with studying is reading articles. I picked this habit from my elder sister who works for an online dissertation help service. Thanks to my sister, this habit helped me with my exams.

If anyone wants to know how? It is simple. Before exam time I read up a bunch of articles on how to attempt my exams without studying a lot. I came across wonderful tips which I implemented later on during exams. In this post, I am going to discuss what those tips are and how did I implement them to ace my exams.

Ways I Aced My Tough Exam Without Studying Much

Never Panic:

The majority of students tend to panic a lot during their exam time preparation which causes unnecessary stress. While they should be worried about the exams but it should not take off their most of mental energy. In simple terms, they should worry less because if they do they will be unable to give their studies enough time.

An appropriate amount of stress is the one that makes them want to study but does not take their concentration away from it. This beneficial stress is known as “Eustress“. Eustress helps gain favorable psychological and physical outcomes (Ikhide et al., 2022). So with the help of eustress, you can gain enough concentration to study without panicking.

Another reason that I stopped panicking is because it leads to procrastination. Delaying your tasks because of any form of distraction is considered procrastination. Panicking is bound to cause procrastination as it is an internal distraction. It is a negative emotion that constantly bothers you in the study sessions and you end up delaying the preparation for the exam.

I have found that I can concentrate more on my studies when I do not panic. I do not have to study a lot if the material I am studying has my entire attention. So even though I studied little during my exams I studied with complete concentration and little to no procrastination.

Listening Lectures:

Even though I never liked to study, I listened and participated in my lessons. This was simply because I did not want to study afterward when I got home. I did not need to revise any reading before attempting my homework and therefore did not have to study for long.

After going through some articles online, I realized how correct my practice was all along. This also helped me do well in my exams without studying a lot. I already remembered a large amount of the toxic materials from the lectures and it was enough to get an average. Although I did regret not recording the lessons and listening to them daily while doing house chores or when I commute from house to my educational institute.

Actually Studying For Minor Tests:

We get a few tests here and there before our exams. They are not given a lot of importance by the students and there is little to no damage if they mess it up. In addition to this, these tests do not assess you on the entire syllabus but rather one or two chapters. Since these tests do not hold a lot of relevance in our entire grade many students do not study for it or study enough to just pass them.

But I do not agree with this practice of students simply because they are neglecting these tests to enjoy the time doing something else, what they do not recognize is that they are only this of a short-term benefit. If we do not prepare for these tests which just consist of a few chapters then we have to study the entire syllabus from the scratch for our exams.

So what I do is prepare for these tests and get good scores. The material I learned is not a lot but by taking a couple of these tests I had prepared for at least half of my exam syllabus. So when the exam preparation time approached I had to only review most of the syllabus and did not spend days studying for them.

Taking Help:

This has to be the most obvious one of all. If you do not want to study a lot for exams take the help of a friend and study with them. You can hold group study sessions with them where everyone studies a certain topic and then explains it to everyone. Everyone in the group has to do the same. This means you have to combine your reading, listening, and memorizing skills.

This way you can also get help with exams online, all you have to do is watch educational videos related to your topic instead of traditionally studying them. It is a fun way of learning and you do not have to study much either.

Getting Proper Sleep:

Given that we are not studying much already it becomes even important for us to sleep well. How so? The answer is – if someone has not studied a lot then he/she has to at least retain the information they have studied to ace their exams. So this is what I do. I sleep for 8 hours not only because it helps improve my memory but also because it helps with time management. (Helpwithdissertation, 2021). Moreover, it will also give you the energy to complete the exam the next day.


By religiously sticking to all the things mentioned above I was capable of acing my exams without studying a lot. We all can do this, sometimes it is not the hard work that counts but the smart work.


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