How Is Hamburger Made?

The hamburger is more than just a tradition. It has become part of the American culture. With billions having been sold around the world since its inception, the hamburger has become a staple of meals. However, while most of us purchase our hamburgers from fast food places, you can certainly make your own hamburger meat and save money as well.

In order to make your own hamburger meat, you will need a grinder which can be purchased in many different retail stores that offer kitchen appliances and equipment. Otherwise, you are limited to what the grocery store sells in terms of their ground beef products.

What is Hamburger?

Essentially, hamburger is just ground up beef that can be purchased in the store either as ground beef or you can purchase whole meat and do the grinding yourself. While grinding beef does take more time, you can select how much fat or lean meat you want in your hamburger.

Interestingly enough, higher grades of beef do not necessarily make for the best taste in hamburger meat. This is because the fat content and texture of the beef are important factors in how a hamburger actually tastes. This means that you’ll want to focus on the familiar lower grades of beef first to see what works best for you.

How to Make Hamburger Meat?

The actual making of hamburger meat is a very simple process. You simply purchase the meat, cut it into strips, and then feed it into a grinder. Once the meat has been thoroughly ground, you can then make patties that can be cooked to your liking.

Of course, you will need to purchase the right type of meat for your hamburger patties. For the most part, boneless chuck roast is one of the best since it can be easily sliced and ground. It also has no bones or gristle. Boneless chuck roast is also fairly cheap in most stores that have sales on this type of meat.  You can also consider your own options as well for making hamburger, be sure to read this article.

Tips on Making the Best-Tasting Hamburger Meat

You can also slice the meat to include more lean meat if you want to cut down on the fat. However, it must be noted that the fat provides much of the good taste in hamburgers, so you’ll want to include at least some fat in your slice. Ideally, you’ll want enough fat so that it delivers the delicious nature of the hamburger without including too much that will only be stored as fat in your system.

However, the greater amount of fat that is in the meat, the more it will shrink when you cook it since the fat will tend to burn away. You’ll want to avoid USDA Choice beef as it has too much marbling which cannot be removed through normal measure and the result is beef that contains way too much fat.

You can also choose ground sirloin as it offers far more lean meat. However it will be dryer and less juicy than typical boneless chuck and may not have enough fat to really make it taste as good as you desire. Ultimately, you will simply want to experiment with the different types of meat to find the one that works best for you and your family.


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