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How IT Asset Management Software Works to Track Your Assets from Employers?

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Most businesses begin with a concept. They will acquire tools, supplies, technology, and other things. Your business wants to get the most value from its investment in all this real estate. IT Asset Management Software asset tracking is crucial for maintaining a precise grasp of your property forecasting, future costs, assessing productivity, and figuring out your profit.

Inventory Discovery and Auto-detection

At its core, ITAM software is designed to identify all IT assets connected to an organization’s network. This automated discovery feature ensures that every device, from laptops and mobile phones to servers and printers, is cataloged without manual input. When an employee connects a new device, the software detects and registers it, updating the central inventory in real time.

User Assignment

Once a device is detected, ITAM software can assign it to a specific user or department. This feature provides clarity on which employee is using which asset, aiding in accountability. Whether the asset is a company-provided or a personal device of the employee (in BYOD settings), the association remains clear.

Software License Management

Apart from hardware, ITAM software is adept at tracking software licenses. It ensures that the number of installations does not exceed the purchased licenses. For businesses, this means that when an employee installs company software on their device, it’s registered, and compliance is maintained.

Configuration and Change Management

As employees might require specific software configurations for their roles, ITAM tools monitor the configuration of each asset. If any unauthorized changes are detected, IT teams are notified. It ensures that company standards are adhered to and any potential security vulnerabilities are swiftly addressed.

Geo-location Tracking

For companies that need to keep a tab on the physical location of devices, especially in remote work scenarios, advanced ITAM solutions offer geo-location features. It can help locate lost devices, ensure data security, and even adhere to data residency regulations.

Remote Access and Control

In scenarios where troubleshooting or updates are required, ITAM software equipped with remote access capabilities allows IT teams to remotely connect to an employee’s device. It ensures swift problem resolution without the need for physical access to the device.

Usage Analytics

Understand how assets utilized can offer insights into employee productivity and software relevance. IT Asset Management Software tools provide detailed analytics on software usage, highlighting patterns like which applications are frequently used, which remain idle, or which might be redundant.

Security Protocols

Ensuring the security of company data across devices is paramount. ITAM software often integrates with security solutions, ensuring every device adheres to company security standards. An employee’s device lacks necessary security measures like firewalls or antivirus software systems that can trigger alerts or restrict access.

Lifecycle Management

Every IT asset has a lifecycle, from procurement to retirement. By tracking assets from employees, ITAM software provides insights into when a device might be due for an upgrade or replacement. This proactive approach ensures that employees always have functional tools, reducing potential downtimes.

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