How Live Casino Gaming Has Revolutionised Online Casinos


Since the mid-90s, online casino gaming has slowly moved away from traditional, land-based casinos to the expanses of the internet. Over the years, the number of online casinos has grown considerably, with these gambling platforms quickly becoming a popular choice for players who value convenience and variety. However, while online casinos provide a huge number of games and bonuses, they’re still not quite the same as the real thing.

For a long time, online casino games used computer graphics and mathematical formulas to determine results and display the action. While fun to play, these games lacked the realism and immersion that could only be found at land-based casinos. The introduction of live casino games found at changed all of that.

What Are Live Casino Games?

What exactly are live casino games anyway? Put simply, they allow you to enjoy the complete casino experience without being in a land-based casino. These games don’t use computer graphics but instead live stream a dealer from a real casino studio directly to your device. You can play live versions of classic games like blackjack and roulette, where the dealer uses real cards or a real roulette wheel to play the game.

Live casino games aren’t just based on traditional table games though, there are plenty of new and innovative games for you to play. The live game show category lets you enjoy exciting spins of bonus wheels or try out exciting twists on classic board games like Monopoly and Snakes and Ladders. There are even live slots you can play, all offering big money wins to lucky players.

The best part about live casino games is that you can not only interact with the dealer as you play, but also with other games at the same table. This social aspect is something that regular online casino games have been missing, and it helps to make online casino gaming more exciting and fun to play.

The Future of Casino Gaming?

While regular casino games are fun, the introduction of live games has helped to take online casinos to a new level. As more people sign up to enjoy the latest live casino titles, we expect software providers and gambling platforms to focus on producing even better and more immersive games. So what exactly does the future of casino gaming look like?

Live games will no doubt become a major focus for a lot of online casinos, with regular games put on the sidelines. While we expect regular casino games will still be made, they’ll definitely lose a lot of the focus as technology allows live casino games to become better than ever. Already, live game studios have been experimenting with augmented and virtual reality, potentially leading the way for the future of casino gaming.

Augmented reality helps to create new and exciting ways for live casino games to show off bonus rounds and special features. Popular games like Monopoly Live use augmented reality in the casino studio to create a more interesting and exciting bonus round. In the future, this could be expanded on further to introduce new game elements and surprises.

Virtual reality is another keen area of focus for live game studios. While live casino games are immersive, nothing beats virtual reality in terms of creating highly immersive experiences for players. The technology is still a long way off from truly reaching the mainstream, but major advances in recent years have helped to make it better and more accessible.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that live gaming has significantly changed the way people enjoy online casinos. In a few years, these games have become an integral part of most gambling platforms, and the number of casino software providers offering live games has grown too. In the future, we could see further advancements and innovations as casino operators look to provide the best possible experience to their players.

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