How Long Does It Take A Contractor To Build A Deck?


Deck construction can be a tedious job. There are so many factors involved that if you do not plan properly could take long, and worse still, might not come out as you wanted. On average, with a good company like Maryland deck builders, a simple deck should take significantly less time to build. However, a custom build deck could take anywhere from three weeks to a month. You should know that these are just estimates and not a perfect science. Many things determine how long deck construction takes.


Planning is perhaps the most important thing to consider when you want to construct a deck. First, most states require building permits if you’re constructing a permanent structure in your residence. Permit acquisition can take a few days, depending on your paperwork and inspection. State agents will need to visit your home and conduct a survey before you are given a permit. Therefore consider looking for a permit ahead of time to reduce the time spent on the deck project.

You may also decide to buy your material if you want to reduce the cost. Some deck builders are fully equipped with materials, labor, and equipment. However, you can choose to cut down on your cost by purchasing your material. It would help if you did proper research to ensure you get quality material. This research can take time to extend the construction period further.

Size of Deck

As you may expect, a larger deck will take longer to build. First of all, you need more material for the deck. Then you need a deck-building company with a bigger team. Finally, the company needs the experience to handle a bigger job. Therefore you need more time to find the right company to ensure that the job is done promptly.

Type of Deck

As we have mentioned, you can either decide to go with a simple deck or a customized deck. Simple decks are easier to construct as they are a one-size-fits-all approach. Simple decks measure around 300 to 400 square feet. Most of the time, they are also cheaper to build. Custom decks take more time as the building company first needs to understand your idea and find the suitable material for the job. There may be some back and forth to ensure you get precisely what you are looking for in most cases.

Even though decks are primarily described as simple or custom, there are many subgroups that you can choose to construct. One of the easiest is the freestanding deck or the detached deck. This deck is almost a stand-alone project which does not need you to attach it to the main building. Other types of decks could take longer to build due to their design.

Size of the Team

A larger team will often complete the job faster. However, it would help if you accounted for additional labor costs for a bigger team. Sometimes a larger company may not complete the project as fast as you would expect. They may end up stepping on each other’s toes quite literally, making the whole building process slow and ineffective. A good approach would be to find the right building company with proper experience for the job.  Be sure to check out help from a Calgary deck builder.

Season or Weather

Most construction projects are significantly affected by the weather. Winter may not be the best time to have your deck built. The ice makes it difficult to move around, let alone build a deck. Rain also affects the compilation rate of the project a lot. Rain makes it difficult for the company to construct your deck efficiently and, in most cases, will postpone the project to the next day or until the rain subsides.


The material you use for building your deck is one of the most significant factors that will affect how long it takes to construct. Most decks are made from wood. Getting this material is more challenging today as the government and indeed the world cuts back on deforestation. Wood is also heavy and requires specialized transportation, which can be time-consuming and expensive. However, if you choose to use alternatives such as PVC deck material, rubber deck material, concrete, or pallets, you may cut down on time.

As you can see, the timeframe for constructing decks varies greatly. It is up to you to do proper planning to ensure maximum efficiency. Hiring an experienced team with sufficient manpower also goes a long way in completing the project faster.

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