How long does it take to become fluent in Spanish?


When it comes to language courses you need to take into account that fluency takes time, at least two years of study, or even between three or four years. The time it will actually take will depend on the learning methods and how much time you spend in touch with the foreign language.

The best Spanish courses are those that have a teaching methodology based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Following an effective teaching methodology, anyone with dedication will be able to achieve real results and be on the right path that will lead them to fluency in Spanish.

Boost your learning with total immersion: is it possible?

To successfully master a language, you need to practice. Nothing better than living in an environment where you speak Spanish, where you read Spanish and where you live in Spanish, where you dream in Spanish!

If you are a student, how about staying for a few months in an Spanish city? If you have an intermediate level, you can even consider a job in a Spanish-speaking country, and even take classes in a Spanish school Barcelona to keep improving your level.

If you don’t speak a word, start with an intensive Spanish course first, and then look for a part-time job. Enjoy the summer, a time when there is plenty of demand in the tourism sector.

The cool thing about living a complete immersion experience is undoubtedly having access to everyday vocabulary, slang included.

The first month you become familiar with this new universe. Upon hearing the locals speak, you will get in touch with vocabulary, phrases, accentuation. From the second month on, you will feel more comfortable and you will not stop talking!

Take Spanish classes to become bilingual quickly

Taking Spanish classes is essential when you want to learn to speak the language. In fact, if you want to become bilingual, you need to have perfect mastery of syntax, conjugation, rich vocabulary, fluidity in discussions.

You have to go beyond the “school level”. To get there, there is no doubt that it is necessary to attend some private lessons. Graduated teachers have specific teaching resources to transmit knowledge, and Spanish natives have natural knowledge of their mother tongue. Classes can focus on conversation, which will help you acquire fluent language.

Is it an advantage to already speak a second language?

Many polyglots point to the fact that they have already gone through the process of having learned another language as a very important factor for faster fluency in another language. What happens is that they already know that there will be difficulties in the process, that victories must be valued, even if small, and they are less frustrated with mistakes.

They are no longer so afraid to establish communication, because mistakes are important indicators of where improvement is needed, they can be seen as opportunities for growth.

After all, how do I know whether or not I am fluent in Spanish?

This is a question that everyone who wants to be fluent in Spanish asks themselves. But having exactly one universal answer to that question is difficult. That’s because each person has a level of language absorption, so what for some may be faster, for others it takes a little longer.

In addition to being associated with how much dedication a person puts into his studies, so that he finally reaches this level of language qualification. One of the things you need to keep in mind is the following, which will prove that you are fluent in Spanish is an international Spanish certificate that you acquire by taking one of the main Spanish exams that will assess your level of proficiency, whether they are the main ones: CELU, DELF or DALF.

A person who is at an advanced level of the Spanish language should know between 4000 words. For this, it is believed that it took an average of 3 years.

It might take more time to absorb a new language, memorize and instantly associate the meanings of words. But the important thing is to keep training and enjoying the process: the best way to achieve fluency in Spanish!

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