How long Does It Take to Get 360 Waves?


How long does it take to get 360 waves with your curly hair? If you often do style your hair, you must admit that it depends on your hair type!

You may have thicker curly hair. Also, you can have beautifully thin and curly hair. Regardless of your hair type, we’ll make sure you can quickly get 360 waves on your hair.

Let’s note that when you have thin curly hair, it’ll definitely be easier to set 360 waves. Indeed, it is less troublesome compared to the thicker curly hair.

But, if you want to get a famous hairstyle like “Nelly,” you must hopefully spend some additional time on hairstyling.

After hearing all these, you must understand that no one can assume the exact time of getting 360 waves. Still, we’ll give you a brief idea of how long it takes to get 360 waves?

So, how to get waves for beginners, and how long does it take. Let’s learn!

How long does It Take to Get 360 Waves?

Generally, 360 waves take 2 to 4 weeks, based on your hair type. Some coarse and curly hair takes up to 6 weeks to come to the right shape of 360 waves.

Surprisingly, the straight textured hair also takes up to 6 weeks to get the 360 waves.

However, some people also own nappy hair. If you have such hair types, you might’ve to wait for 8 to 10 weeks to get 360 waves on your hair.

How to Get 360 Waves on Your Hair?

Setting 360 waves is one of the best alternatives to get a handsome appearance with your soft hair. Do you have soft and curly hair? Then, needless to say, you’re going to get the 360 waves on your hair faster than others.

Here is the complete process of setting 360 waves on your curly hair.

What you’ll need:

  • Thicker pomade (For thick and coarse hair)
  • Hard Men hairbrush (For thicker and coarse hair)
  • Essential oil
  • Wave shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair lotion
  • Hair growing supplies
  • Nylon stocking cap

Steps you must follow:

Step 1: What is your scalp and hair condition?

Let’s learn about your hair condition first. Weak hair is unfit not only for hair waves but also for hair curl.

So, before setting the 360 waves on your hair, make sure you have strong and healthy hair. If you don’t have healthy hair, take the supplements and hair treatment from a doctor.

Step 2: Do a haircut

Make the hair short and turn at 1/3inch when you have long hair. The longer hair is somehow typical to get 360 waves.

Regardless, some wavers want to get the waves with their favorite hairstyle. In that case, you should know which hairstyle you’re going to get.

Step 3: Get the supplies for hair.

Now, let’s groom your hair and prepare them for hair waves. Apply moisturizing hair lotion regularly.

After the supplements, this step will moisturize your hair. Besides that, the moisturizing lotion also makes your hair stronger and healthier.

Step 4: Brush your hair

Brushing the hair before shampooing prepares hair for taking the stress while getting 360 waves. Frankly speaking, brushing trains the hair in such a way that it can take any stress.

So, brush your hair as much as possible before application of shampoo and conditioner.

Step 5: Do proper cleaning and conditioning

Clean your hair with a moisturizing shampoo. It’ll reduce your hair fall.

Do condition your hair after cleaning your hair with a moisturizing shampoo.

Hair conditioning helps to set any hairstyle easily. So, even though you have thicker curly hair, conditioning the hair will save your time while setting 360 waves.

Step 6: Prepare your hair before brushing.

After washing the hair, take out the water from the hair with a soft towel. As you have applied the shampoo and conditioner, your hair is almost ready for brushing.

Now, take the thicker pomade on your first three fingers. Smoothly apply the pomade on the hair of your head. When applying the pomade, make sure you’ve covered your full head.

Step 7: Brush Your Hair

Start brushing your hair to give it the shape you want to. Use your hard brush while you’re brushing your hair.

Move your brush from crown to head, top-forward, side-forward, and towards the chin. Overall, give the hair your desired pattern. To set the 360 waves, you need to make a circle in the middle of your head.

Step 8: Do Even Brushing

We heard lots of complaints that wavers don’t get the waves in the middle of their heads. Only frontward and backward waves can be shown after brushing the hair.

If you want to ensure waves are equally all over your head, you must even brush. Use the mirror while brushing a specific side of your head. Check whether there’ve your desired waves on that particular side with the mirror.

Step 9: Cover Your Head for A While

Take the nylon stocking cap that you have selected. Now, cover your head with the cap. Instead of the nylon cap, you can also use the Du-rag cap to cover the hair. Both are safe and hold your hair in place!

Don’t open the cap from your hair before 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, open the nylon stocking cap. Hopefully, you have got your desired 360 waves on your hair.

How to maintain the 360 waves?

How to maintain the 360 waves

Maintaining the 360 waves is easier than getting it. Moreover, it doesn’t consume a lot of your time. It just needs proper care and consciousness to maintain 360 waves on your hair.

Let’s understand the procedures that mustn’t avoid maintaining the 360 waves on hair.

Cut Your Hair Timely.

First off, cut your hair after 2 to 4 weeks. Try to keep the middle hair long. Only the hair on both sides you should cut.

Maintain the hair grains.

Remember, you cannot cut your hair against the grains. By doing so, you’ll lose your 360 waves quickly.

Drink pure water.

Keep yourself hydrated by taking the proper amount of water. Keeping your body hydrated, you can moisturize your hair. Indeed, moisturized hair keeps the hair waves longer than the rough and dry hair.

Brush hair regularly.

Brush your hair regularly for 3 times a day. Of course, you can brush your hair more than 3 times; it depends on you. But doing it 3 times is a must for maintaining your hair waves.

Cover hair while sleeping.

At night, cover your head with the du-rag or nylon cap after brushing with a hard brush. Sleep covering your hair like that at night.

Rinse your hair weekly.

Instead of washing, rinse your hair each and every week. If you think you need to wash your hair, then you must use wave shampoo and conditioner.

Indeed, the wave shampoo and conditioner will help to get

your expected waves as early as possible.


How Do You Get 360 Waves Fast?

  • Rinse your hair instead of washing when you want to get 360 waves faster.
  • Brush your hair at least 3 times a day until you get your desired waves.
  • Soften your hair through the warm, damp towel before you start brushing.

How Long Does It Take to Get 360 Waves with Coarse Hair?

If you have coarse hair, it may take 2 to 6 weeks to set 360 waves at your coarse hair.

How Long Should Your Hair Be For 360 Waves?

You should trim your hair before getting 360 waves on your hair. A good suggestion is to make your hair 1 ½-inch short around the head for an optimal wave.

The middle hair will be bigger than 1 ½-inch so that you can give the exact shape that you want!

Is It Better to Sleep with A Nylon cloth on your hair?

Yes! It is good to sleep with the Durag for the first few weeks after getting 360 waves. The Durag or nylon cloth will stop leaking oil from your hair to your face and pillow.

Covering the head also keeps your 360 waves in place so that you get your desired waves faster.

Final word

Everybody wants to get his desired waves as fast as possible. But, how long does it take to get 360 waves? In short, it depends on your hair type.

But regardless of hair types, you can quickly get the hair waves if you follow our given procedures. Hopefully, you’ll get your desired waves for a long time.

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