How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last


Traditional methods of removing unwanted body hair, especially shaving, can be so effort and time consuming. Between shaving and waxing, shaving is definitely cheaper, faster, and more convenient sometimes, until ingrown hairs and razor bumps find their way to your legs and pubic area. Waxing, on the other hand, lasts longer and give satisfying results, yet, it can be expensive and painful.

That’s when technology swooped in and turned laser to a great option for hair removal that many of us now go to as it gives all the pros of both shaving and waxing and none of the cons. If you are worried about the price and you are asking how much does laser hair removal cost? Laser hair removal usually cost between $500 to $1,000. This can seem pricey and far more expensive than the traditional ways until you compare the overall cost and the results. But how long does laser hair removal last?

Right here, we will walk you through everything you need to know before your first session.

The “Permanent” Solution

Many people think that they will forever be hairless after only the first session. This is simply not true -yet, hopefully- but laser hair removal is scheduled every month for six to eight months to see the mind-blowing results you are hoping for. But huge noticeable progress in ingrown hairs can happen after only your first appointment. If you suffer from discoloration or darkened pubic area, bikini laser hair removal is the best option to go for. Laser hair removal Toronto services for men could also be the perfect solution if you have hairy chest, arms, or any area you would want it hairless.

By setting the machine on a certain intensity, laser treatment depends on light energy that is used to sentence your hair follicles to death. What’s interesting to know is that your hairs are not at the same growth cycle, that’s why It takes more than one session to permanently kill all your hair.  After completing from 6 to 8 sessions, you will notice that your hairs (if there is any) grow very weak and fall before you realize. Studies proved that many will experience permanent results, while others will require touch-ups every 6 to 12 months depending on their hormonal balances (or imbalances in case of PCOS).

It’s Far Less Painful and Quicker Than Waxing

Many people worry about the pain when they are considering full body laser hair removal, but does laser hair removal hurt? The answer merely depends on the area. You may only experience discomfort during the session or pain such as tiny pinpricks, or a snap of hot rubber. In sensitive areas, apply any topical numbing cream with 5% to 10% lidocaine before your appointment with one hour. However, if you don’t enjoy rocking body hair, the pain is definitely worth it especially for the fact that you don’t have to go through it as often. If you decided to go for a facial laser hair removal session, it’s best to search for laser hair removal near me to not spend a lot of time exposed to the sun after your session.

Type Of Laser Matters

Shaving is the only way of removing hair that is encouraged prior to your appointment. This is because your hair roots should be formed but not showing above the skin, so the laser can burn it correctly without burning your skin. Take your time to do enough research on the subject, and the professional you want to go to. Make sure they have experience because if someone is not educated on the subject, they might burn your skin, or do it incorrectly that your hair grows back.

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