How Many Calories are Burned Playing Tennis?


Tennis is a gratifying sport played by millions. When you ask many people about this sport, they’ll never fail to tell you how elegant and exciting the game looks and feels. 

But thankfully, the sport provides plenty of benefits ranging from social to other aspects.

The benefits of playing tennis are widely known, but many seem to continuously ask the question, “how many calories are burned playing tennis?” Many other newbies want to know all about tennis and the health benefits of playing it. Whether you’ve been trying a fat burner for men and can’t seem to lose weight, or are just trying to count calories we’ll answer your questions today. 

How many Calories Do You Burn?

Tennis is a very competitive and tasking game. It requires the use of virtually all the muscles in your body, which is why you should only play it when you’re physically fit and have enough stamina. If you play when suffering from an injury or without being physically fit, you risk sustaining a critical injury. 

Typically, the average person burns about 575 to 775 calories for every hour they play. The amount they burn depends on several factors such as:

  • The portion of competitiveness: If you are playing a typical competitive game, you should expect to lose 575 calories every hour. However, if you’re smashing the ball around with a friend, then you should expect to lose about 350 calories for every hour.
  • Physical weight: Physical weight is also a significant contributor to the amount of weight you lose. Generally, people with more weight shed more calories per hour compared to people with less weight. Obese people could lose as much as 800 calories per month if they play competitively. 
  • Amount of time you play: It is commonly known that the more you perform aerobic activities, the more calories you lose. You can’t expect to lose a lot of calories if you only exercise for a few minutes. However, a good two hours of playing competitive tennis could lead you to lose at least 1000 calories. 

Benefits of Playing Tennis

There are two significant benefits of playing tennis, and they are:

  • It Helps you lose weight: Presently, about 1.9 billion people around the world. Being obese for too long tends to negatively affect your health, which is what tennis solves. Since tennis is a highly aerobic activity, it helps you lose weight the more you play it. Ultimately, this can protect you from several life-threatening health conditions.
  •  Helps you to manage mental health disorders: The pandemic and related events have caused a further increase of people suffering from depression. Unfortunately, it is due to the high amount of inactivity and immobility. Restrictions and general trends from the pandemic and technology growth are also critical contributors.
  • Aerobic activities are a fantastic way to help manage several mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Additionally, it also provides a way for you to connect with friends and family, making you feel alone. This game’s fun aspect is that you still comply with the “several feet apart” COVID regulation while playing. 

People highly need aerobic activities due to the inactivity caused by the pandemic. Tennis is an excellent way to burn calories and stay in shape due to the number of calories you burn per hour. In fact, it is one of the most calorie-burning exercises out there today!

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