How Michael Jackson Moved the Music Industry


Michael Jackson wears the mantle of King of Pop in the 80s music scene. The singer and dancer sits toward the top of any list of the greatest performers of all time. Most importantly, Jackson grew to influence the entertainment industry in great measure as a result of three significant actions central to his career. To learn more about the most famous superstars in the 80s, you can research online; however, make sure to visit trusted websites only.

Thrilled the World

It may be difficult to comprehend how groundbreaking his zombie-song video “Michael Jacksons Thriller” was at its release in 1982. The music-video cable television station MTV had just launched in late 1981. That launch created a shift in how people consumed music. Instead of merely listening, many came to expect a short video to accompany every song. In contrast, “Thriller,” lasting 13 minutes, as well as Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D, tells a story in the fashion of a full-length movie; that format changed expectations for what a music video could do. If you want to know more about the behind-the-scenes look of the music video, you can check our article, Behind the Scenes on the Most Memorable Music Videos of the 1980s.

Emphasized Financial Vision

Although the Beatles could be the most musically successful act of all time, they lost untold profits because of inept management. Entertainment lawyer John Branca worked with Jackson to embrace a business model as part of his career, ensuring the artist would have a strong financial legacy. Ironically, the partnership led to their purchasing the Lennon-MacCartney (Beatles) music catalog. At a time when so many other artists focused solely on their music, the Jackson model demonstrated a new direction.

Performed Beyond the Song

Jackson started singing at age six with his siblings in The Jackson 5. When he left to perform as a solo artist, he no longer merely sang on stage. Over time, he became a star not just for his songs but also for his extravagant stage dancing, including a move where he slides backward while performing steps. Several contemporary performers cite Jackson as an influence on their own acts.

Michael Jackson’s legacy will certainly continue to be evaluated in the future. However much that legacy may grow, the performer has already been shown to have influenced music and entertainment measurably. You may also read our post about How Michael Jackson Still Earns Millions Today even after he’s long gone.

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