How Mobile Apps Are Ushering a New Era in the Entertainment Industry


The entertainment industry has had both downfalls and opportunities amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, when theatres got closed, shootings had to stop as a consequence of which the entertainment industry suffered huge losses, and many people lost their jobs. But soon, this industry rose and turned the situation thanks to the mobile apps. Various mobile apps like Netflix, TikTok, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon prime video, and many more helped this industry continue its operations. Moreover, as people were confined in their homes, they turned towards these apps seeking joy and entertainment.

Mobile app development for entertainment purposes is a new trend nowadays in which many developers are showing great interest. According to Statista, entertainment apps stood as the 3rd-most popular app category in the google play app store and reported 1.21B downloads during the second quarter of 2020. This shows how vital entertainment apps had been during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. This post will focus on some benefits that mobile apps offer to the entertainment industry and discuss how they make entertainment accessible to all. So, let’s take a look at some of the core benefits of mobile app development for the entertainment industry.

#1 Making entertainment accessible to everyone and everywhere

Entertainment apps have made entertainment accessible to everyone, and the best perk of these apps is that they can be used everywhere for entertainment. Unlike theatres and television, smartphones are handy, and therefore entertainment apps can keep you entertained all the time. Earlier, the accessibility of entertainment was very limited, people went to theatres for entertainment, and some would stick to their TVs all the time. But, whenever they had to go out or had to work overtime, they most probably had to miss their favorite shows. But, with entertainment apps, they can watch their favorite shows and movies whenever they want.

Entertainment apps offer a thousand TV shows and movies in one place, which are enough to keep you entertained for years. Apart from these today, TikTok, Instagram Reel, Youtube are rising as great entertainment apps. These apps have the power to make any commoner a celebrity; people from all around the world create small entertaining videos and release them over these platforms. These types of entertainment platforms are on the rise because even commoners like us can upload videos on the channel to entertain and gather likes. This is how entertainment apps have made entertainment accessible to all and everywhere.

#2 Helps fight piracy

There was a time when people could only watch local movies and shows and had no access to international shows and movies. Due to this constraint, people turned towards pirated content that offered all kinds of global and national entertainment. Piracy has always been a criminal offense and costs millions to the entertainment industry. Lawmakers have taken many steps against piracy, but the results haven’t been satisfying. But entertainment apps have risen as a measure that can help mitigate piracy and pirated videos to a significant extent.

People moved towards pirated videos because they are free, but a drawback of this content is that they are mostly of poor quality. To take advantage of this drawback, entertainment apps offer all kinds of international and national shows and movies at a reasonable price and in good quality. Moreover, pirated videos need to be downloaded and saved on the device and occupy a lot of space, due to which only some videos can be saved at a time. But that’s not the case with entertainment apps; here, you can stream as many movies as you want to without downloading them. This is how entertainment apps are fighting piracy problem.

#3 Helps in job retention in the entertainment industry

As the countries were forced into lockdown in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people lost their jobs, and some stopped receiving salaries as various industries had to close their operations. The entertainment industry too experienced a downfall at the beginning of the pandemic as film shootings had to be stopped; thus, many people related to the field lost their jobs. But as soon as the restrictions were lifted, film shootings restarted with safety and precautions. Thanks to these apps, the filmmakers found a platform to stream their movies and hence the reason to resume the shooting. Even today, when most of the restrictions have been lifted, these entertainment apps are a prime choice for filmmakers to launch their films. This way, thousands of jobs were saved by the entertainment industry.  App development for entertainment purposes has seen a constant rise as more firms are eyeing to reap the benefits of this trend.  Those seeking app development services must check the list of top app development companies cataloged by Goodfirms for finding the right service provider to meet your needs.

#4 Constant source of revenue

Entertainment apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many more charge a small amount of money monthly or yearly, depending on the user’s choice. These monthly or yearly subscriptions grant the user access to the unlimited content of these apps. These subscription charges act as a solid form of revenue for the businesses. Moreover, those who have been granted permission to stream their movies on these channels also earn a lot of money, which acts as the additional revenue apart from that collected through theatres and other physical media. The revenue collected from these apps reached its zenith during the pandemic when all other entertainment sources were closed.

#5 Provides a platform for low budget films and documentaries

Releasing films takes a lot of money as theatres need to be booked. It is a well-known fact that the larger the number of theatres on which the movie is released, the more revenue it attracts. But, certain filmmakers who make low-budget films and documentaries hardly get enough money to make the film. Hence buying the rights to release in multiple theatres is very hard and costly for them. On the other hand, entertainment apps offer these filmmakers a platform to release their films at a reasonable price. Moreover, the filmmakers get to release their movies in front of a larger audience of a vast diaspora; not only locals but people from different countries can watch their films and documentaries.

Wrapping up

Mobile apps are acting as the best friend for everybody, be it individual users or small and big industries. Today everyone is trying to make the most out of this technology. One such industry that’s enjoying the benefits of mobile app development is the entertainment industry. Entertainment apps rose as one of the most downloaded and highest earning app categories in 2020. As everybody was confined to their houses, these apps stood as the only source of fun and entertainment. Thanks to the entertainment apps, many people retained their jobs and kept receiving salaries when many were losing their jobs. Entertainment apps are rising as a hope of many aspirant filmmakers and commoners looking forward to earning fame and fortune in the future.

Author Bio- Hi There, I am Shaun Williams, a content writer with Goodfirms, a research platform for Cloud Computing, Ecommerce companies, Translation services companies, among many others. I enjoy communicating ideas and knowledge creatively and also ensure that the readers never suffer from boredom while reading my posts.


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