How Muay Thai Accomplished Global Popularity in Recent Years?

Muay Thai is a competitive sport sharing many similarities with kick-boxing. Other than kicks and punches, elbow and knee hits are also part of this amazing sport. The myth about Muay Thai is that it is only for professional players and for the past few years, it has been accepted as a Mixed Martial Art training in many gyms.

The Hybrid Gym Group is best equipped and one of the best gyms to accommodate Muay Thai classes in Hong Kong with personal and group sessions.These sports have many fitness benefits and requirements to be kept in mind before going for Muay Thai training. The following blog will help you get insights about Muay Thai training, routine sessions, and benefits which are the grounds for its popularity in recent years.

Prerequisite and Required Equipment

People with no prior training in martial arts can also begin to learn this sport. No particular prerequisites are required. The equipment of Muay Thai training includes some additional items other than a regular gym— the list includes:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Wrist support/ hand wraps
  • Shin, mouth, groin guards
  • Knee protection
  • Running shoes (optional)

The list of items increases with the increased facilities provided by the gym, but to start with the basic Muay Thai training, the equipment mentioned above is mandatory.

Routine Work Out

Like other sports, Muay Thai’s workout sessions begin with a warm-up followed by basic exercise and Muay Thai techniques.

  • Running and skipping as a part of a warm-up exercise to endure the blood flow and respiration process.
  • Basic strength enduring exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc.
  • Muay Thai techniques mainly include punching, kicking skills along with elbow and knee hits.
  • Before evolving as a competitive sport, it was considered a self-defensive martial art. So attack blocking techniques are an essential part of Muay Thai training.

Benefits of Muay Thai

Being a sport, the primary benefit of Muay Thai is the high level of fitness achieved. The intense workout gives an acute shape to your body and increased body strength. Along with the physical benefits, additional benefits are as follows:

  • Happiness from within

The intense workout leads to an increase in the release of endorphins by the central nervous system, and your body experiences relief from stress and happiness.

  • Increased diameter of social circle

Muay Thai classes Hong Kong conducts and the training classes from other parts of the world have experienced students from all age groups. This is due to the increased popularity and gives the students a wide area to interact with fellow mates.

The Reality of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a hard sport & in the initial few months of training wrists, knee pains are common. The form and posture of training are essential as any faulty posture or movement can lead to muscle injuries. Familiarity with bruises and black marks on various body parts, but not to fear as this is a part of training and your body gets used to it with time.

In Conclusion 

The techniques, intense exercise, and impact on the body are the main possible reasons for the popularity of this form of martial arts in recent years. Work out of this training is possible at home, but the risk of muscle injury is high without proper guidance by gym trainers. Gym for Muay Thai training should have experienced trainers, good quality and maintenance of equipment, timings, location, and hygiene.

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