How Much Gas Does a Jeep Wrangler Use? How to Improve It


While driving a Jeep is one experience you cannot forfeit in your life, you still need to watch your fuel consumption. Although the Jeep model Wrangler reveals some noteworthy statistics with respect to mileage, you can cut fuel use even further by following some helpful tips.

What the Research Reveals

Research shows that the Unlimited Sport version of the Wrangler boasts 19 MPG city miles and 24 MPG on the highway. This gives the vehicle a combined average of 21 miles per gallon for a Jeep that sports a V6 3.6 liter motor and 285 horsepower automatic design. If you want to improve this result, choose a Jeep of the same model with a mild-hybrid and eTorque system design. Choosing two doors will also help you reap better MPG results.

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Fuel Efficiency and the Jeep Wrangler

Naturally, how much you drive and where you drive will play a part in the vehicle you choose. The boxy style and stable design of the Jeep Wrangler will increase, to some extent, the amount of gas you use. This is especially if you choose the vehicle to go off-roading. So, any sacrifice in gas consumption involves the vehicle’s design and where you elect to drive.

Currently the fuel efficiency award for Wranglers goes to the Jeep’s 4xe. This all-electric Jeep provides a 49 MPGe, which translates to a miles per gallon equivalent fuel use.

Gas Mileage: When It Becomes a Weighty Proposition

Just remember, the more weight your Jeep assumes, the lower the mileage. Therefore, what you include in add-ons affects your mileage as does how you drive. Usually, to get the best mileage, you want to target your speed for 55 mph when driving highway miles. Also, it helps to brake or accelerate moderately. The harder your brake or accelerate, the more gas you consume.

Why Selecting a Hardtop is a Better Option

When choosing a top for your vehicle, go with the hard top. The soft top will trigger more drag and hard tops have insulation, which keeps the vehicle warmer and causes it to consume less gas. A well-maintained engine can also reduce energy consumption. Regularly replace your spark plugs and the air filter so your vehicle drives more easily.

Remove the Spare if You Use Your Jeep for Going To and From Work

Again, weight can keep the vehicle from efficiently consuming fuel. If you use your Jeep for commuting to and from work, it’s probably best to remove that weighty spare tire in the back.

Also, during the summer, don’t run the AC endlessly. Instead, open your windows on a moderately warm day. Any extra idling or using the cruise control can also cause you to spend more at the pump.

What’s the Rush?

To avoid heavy acceleration or braking, it is best to drive at a moderate pace. For example, if you know you need to make a lane change, do so sooner rather than later. Those last-minute lane changes or turns can cause you to use too much fuel.

Make Your Jeep a Fun and Gas-Efficient Vehicle to Drive

You can save money on gas when you drive a Wrangler. Just don’t drive like a cowboy, as you’ll get nowhere fast, especially when it comes to saving money on gas. Drive your Wrangler, keeping the tenets of safety in mind, and you’ll find it a pleasure to drive.

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