How much is a car accident settlement worth?

An accident can cost a devastating injury and a huge financial loss. If you ever been involved or injured in a car accident, then you might deal with certain things. And an accident also costs certain things like your medical bills, your property damage of lost vehicles, pain, and suffering, physical and emotional strain.

As you worry about these losses and costs, you may be wondering how much should we expect from a car accident settlement. And an insurance settlement can reimburse you with the money or property that you lost. They can also make up for the mental trauma and the lost wages with costs. So when and how? Keep reading.

How much should we expect from a car accident settlement:

When you injured or lost something in a traffic accident, it is fair enough to wonder how much to expect to recover those losses. The average settlement for a traffic accident is generally 1.5 times or the two times of the financial losses. So you can expect the regular cost of your damage and also an extra amount for the pain and mental stain you suffered.

Car accident settlement typically depends on some common factors:

  • Your future medical bills

  • Property that you lost or damaged by that accident

  • Emotional stress

  • Physical Anxiety

  • Pain and suffering

  • Physical Inability in some cases

There are also different kinds of circumstances and situations where your settlement can go upwards or downwards. Of course, it depends on the situation and the damages or losses that you had. There could be a situation where it just a simple accident and also could be a situation where the damage is so serious. And the average settlement does vary somewhere between four-figures up to the million-dollar range.

So below are given some points that help you to understand this matter.

1. Car accident settlement for head injuries:

Head injury is the most serious injury among all of them because brain injury is the most sensitive one. Sometimes the victim has some vital damage in their brain, so they get paralyzed for years. And in this case, of course, the victim will have the maximum amount of settlement possible.

There are also several kinds of brain injury what will determine the amount of your settlement. Such as,

  • A concussion which will affect the brain function

  • A post-concussion syndrome

  • A serious traumatic brain injury (TBI)

2. Car accident settlement for Neck Injury:

Sometimes neck injury also can be serious, and some injuries cause more annoyance than life-threatening. Some injuries also give the victim intolerant pains and weakness in their body for months. Some of the examples are injuries related to the spinal cords, nerve damage, and so on.

If the damage is severe like whiplash, then the insurance will settle a good amount of cost for that. And the cost will typically depend on the level of injuries.

3. Car accident settlement for Shoulder Injury:

This settlement is determined by the breakage of shoulders and how many simple sprains or muscle damages or tears. It also relies on how severe the injury is. Some severeaccidents cost a vast amount of money, like Permanent Total Disability (PTD) or Permanent Partial Disability (PPD), which lead to a higher settlement than regular injuries.

4. Car accident settlement for Arm injury:

The most common injury in a car accident is arm or hand injury. Broken bones, fractured wrists, and elbow are most common among them. Sometimes after the accident, the victim unable to go to their normal life. If there is any surgery requires for that damage, then logically the settlement will go higher than the normal injuries.

The average settlement for a car accident:

Determining the exact amount of the settlement is tough unless or until you know the information and all factors or damages that occur in that accident. But there are always some common factors in terms of the settlement. Based on that, it is possible to determine an average compensation.

There could be some accidents that cause severe spinal injury, brain damages or long term damage. Then, of course, the settlement range would be so higher. But Thankfully, the major injuries are not that common. Most of the time, the damage is simple and also the settlement will be in a small amount.

Final Thoughts:

Something like a car or traffic accident causes some injuries and damages to you or your properties, even though it is not your fault. You can claim for a settlement, or you can hire an advocate or personal injury lawyer surrey who will work on behalf of you. And also a personal injury lawyers will help you to maximize the settlement amounts possible that you deserve. Hopefully, this writing helps to know about how much a car accident settlement worth and its factors.