How much money can you make selling eyelashes?

The eyelash industry is a billion-dollar industry that appears to be growing rapidly nowadays. “How much money can you make as a lash artist?”, is a frequent discussion in the lash industry. The most relevant answer to this question is that it depends on the lash artist, their style of work, and their location.There are also eyelash extension artists out there who make six figures every year.

Regardless of whether one works in this industry, or they are considering beginning their career as a lash artist, knowing their potential earning is a significant part of the business. Because  the eyelash extension industry is on the verge of a breakthrough.

The market for lash extension services is clearly booming right now. However, running a profitable eyelash extension business is not at all an easy task. Just like any other business, it requires sheer hard work and dedication towards the work. It takes careful planning and acute knowledge about eyelashes and related industries.

Factors affecting the profitability of eyelash extension business

In the business of eyelash extensions, it is hard to predict exactly what the profits will be because there are so many determinants. Yet, there are some basic guidelines for determining the forthcoming profit to some extent. Basically, there are three factors to calculate profit in the business of eyelash extension or false eyelashes. These factors are-

1. The Price of Lash Extension Services

An obvious determinant influencing profit is the price of lash extension services. A typical lash artist’s salary will vary based on the price he or she charges for each full set and fills. The amount one can charge depends on their capabilities, popularity, quality of service, and how well-established the studio is.

2. Location

A lot of people want to know how much one can earn in this lash extensions business. A reasonable and genuine response to this inquiry is that there are numerous determinants that influence an eyelash artist’s income. One factor is location, which goes along with what someone is charging.

Where someone is located has a lot to do with what clients will pay for their eyelash extension services and on their overall eyelash extension profits. For instance, lash artists in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi serve a clientele willing to pay more for lash extensions.

Another important consideration to make is the density of eyelash extension salons in that specific area. In case, if there are a limited number of spots offering eyelash extension services, then there will be a higher price of lash extension services. A good way to gauge this is by researching what other artists in that area are charging. Doing so will help one to find out the best price for the services they are providing.

By doing competitor research, one can learn about the prices of other studios in their location and their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, diving into online reviews can show what customers like and dislike about studios nearby. Then, one can tailor their services to address these customer pain points. Standing out in a location makes an eyelash extension salon more in demand.

3. Marketing

Just as it is mentioned, “A business can’t develop and flourish if individuals don’t realize that you exist.” Everyone believes the fact that marketing is the most effective strategy to establish a strong brand. Someone who wants to be successful must spread the message so that more people get to know about their business. The more, the better!

Since eyelash extensions are a lovely visual addition to a face, social media platforms such as – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest offer an extraordinary channel to promote one’s eyelash extension services.

In any case, marketing eyelash extension services should not stop just here.Strategic marketing is the thing that helped grow the eyelashes extension business into the powerhouse it is today. There are plenty of ways to attract new clients to a lash studio.

Digital marketing goes beyond posting a few hashtags. Make sure that one has a strong online presence that people can find on Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important area to learn more about if someone wants new customers to find them online. By making basic deviations to their website, lash artists can open the door for tons of new potential customers to come across their work through search engines.

Word of mouth advertising occurs when clients spread the word about an individual’s lash services to others. To encourage this, one can offer referral discounts to clients that connect them to new customers. For instance, If Samdisha refers Kritika to someone’s studio, Samdisha gets a 15% discount on her next set of lashes.

4. Lash styles

Volume and mega volume eyelash sets are more expensive than classic or hybrid eyelashes, so it also depends on which kind of eyelash extension set you offer while selling fake eyelashes in bulk ! Classic sets need infills more frequently than volume sets so that can also make a difference while estimating the profitability of a lash artist.

5. Who is your customer?

Raising your costs doesn’t have to imply that it lowers the number of customers approaching. However, it can carry an alternate sort of client to your eyelash extension salon, who isn’t really searching for the cheapest eyelashes. Look for consumers that appreciate your level of expertise and experience. Not only this, but  they’ll also be willing to pay a premium to know they’re getting the greatest eyelash extension services!

6. Eyelash studio setup

Someone’s eyelash studio setup is the ultimate impression and reflection of their brand and service on their clients. If someone wants their clients to feel comfortable so that they keep coming back, there are two options for your lash studio setup: at home or in a beauty salon.


In a word, there are a few factors to consider when determining the profitability of your eyelash extension business, including price, location and marketing, lash styles, and target demographic. When you combine these elements, you can figure out how much each will cost and how frequently they will operate.