How much should it cost to rekey a lock?


Rekeying a lock is a process of changing the mechanism of the lock so that it declines the original key when inserted in and only allows the new key to operate it. Simply, it means that the lock’s mechanism is shifted.

Before rekeying your lock. You should also know that how much it will cost you to get the lock rekeyed. So, if you take your lock to the locksmith and ask him to rekey it for you. This will not cost you much.

You will just have to pay 13 to 20 dollars for the rekeying process if you take the lock to the locksmith’s shop. But many people hire locksmiths who come to their home and then rekey the lock for them.

Calling a locksmith at home will cost you a lot as compared to the first option. Because the worker will charge you for traveling and working, both.

Home rekeying service

If you call a locksmith at your home and want him to rekey all the locks of your house. Then get ready to pay him a big amount. The complete house rekeying process is an expensive one and it will cost you almost 200 dollars.

But, this is an average price mentioned according to some decent and standard size houses. However, if you have a bigger house and have more locks than the average locks. You may get charged higher than 200$.

The service charges depend upon the number of locks you are going to get rekeyed. The locksmith, who will come to you will take money for coming, working, and the time he spends.

You will get charged if you select to call the locksmith to your home. Therefore, if you have one or two locks to get rekeyed. Take them to the locksmith’s shop and get them rekeyed there.

But, if you have several locks or a complete house to get rekeyed, then you should call the locksmith and then ask him to rekey the locks for you.

Just keep in mind the average prices so you never get scammed. Be aware of scammers as they are everywhere around you and just finding a chance to put you in trouble and leave you with empty pockets and zero results.

How to choose the best and affordable locksmith?

The charges also vary according to your selection of a locksmith. You can easily get less charged by choosing a local and a noob locksmith. As they will not provide you the services you are looking for. And they might increase the mess and leave you in big trouble than before. After that, you may have to charge more than required to a professional locksmith.

Therefore, always try to know the locksmith before you hire him. The best way to hire a professional locksmith and save your money is to get to the internet.

Google the locksmith companies near you. You can easily get to know about the prices and the services of different locksmith companies by just typing “locksmith near me” in the search bar.

Always try to work smart, and protect yourself from scams and scammers. Hope you will find this helpful. Make it a priority to reach the registered companies to get services.

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