How Much Weight Can A Roof Rack Hold?


Going on adventures in your jeep is always fun. But you need to make sure that you’re taking care of your safety. I’m going to put some light on one of the most commonly asked questions today, how much weight can a roof rack hold?

There are several aspects to consider when you’re carrying bulky things on your jeep roof rack. The capacity of your jeep’s roof is also something you should think about. Even though a vehicle can support heavier loads when not in motion, the same doesn’t apply when you hit the road.

So, let’s dive into it without any further ado.

How Much Weight Can A Roof Rack Hold?

Roof racks vary in material and capacity. So, not all of them will feature the same weight capacity. The range fluctuated from 70 lbs up to 165 lbs.

That means, if you select the most robust roof rack, you can expect it to carry around 165 lbs weight. Note that you should always keep the load under the weight limit, or else you’ll create a possibility of damaging the roof of your car.

Many people wonder whether their roof rack is durable enough or not. If you get one from a reliable brand and use the rack with proper instructions, you can rest assured that it will last a long time. So, let’s see what you can and cannot do when using roof racks.

The Proper Way To Use Your Roof Rack

Roof racks are excellent options for loading bulky things. When you’re going on an adventure, you can take many necessary things on the roof rack. For instance, they’re great for carrying roof tents, bicycles, kayaks, sports gears, SUPs, surfing boards, and more.

Another excellent way of using your roof rack is carrying firewood. Firewood can make your car dirty, so it’s better to store them on the roof.

That was all about what you can load on your roof rack. You also need to ensure that you’re loading things properly. The way you should treat the rack depends a lot on the material it’s made of.

Let’s take metal as an example. Metal roof racks are robust, durable, and less likely to break. However, if you have a metal-made roof rack, you must ensure that it doesn’t rust.

Another option is plastic. You can forget about the rust if you use high-quality plastic roof racks. The downside, however, is that they’re more prone to breakage.

Now, let’s consider security. You must secure the things you’re carrying on the roof rack if you want to avoid unwanted accidents. Use high-quality cam straps to secure the loads, and don’t forget to use the locks on the rack accessories.

The Improper Way To Use Your Car Roof

I’ve talked about the dos. Now it’s time for the don’ts. Many people use twine or bungee ropes to secure the loads on the roof rack. That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do.

Always ensure that the weight you’re making your roof rack carry doesn’t exceed its capacity. Instead, keep it below the capacity level. This way, you can ensure your safety, the rack’s longevity and prevent your jeep from getting damaged.

Another side effect of using bulky things on the roof is affecting your car performance. Carrying heavier things on the roof can cause your jeep to roll over. Besides, the fuel efficiency will be compromised too. So, make sure that you’re not torturing your car with roof racks.

Some things are more dangerous and inappropriate to load on your roof. Some objects are even illegal to load on your roof rack. One example is a mattress that can cause a hazard when carried on the roof of your car.

So, it’s better to keep a mattress inside the car. You can also use a moving van to carry it. Large pieces of furniture fall into the same category. You don’t want to carry those on your roof if you don’t want to break any laws.

The last thing to remember is that if you can’t secure something even after using the proper accessories, you shouldn’t carry them on the roof rack.

The Weight Capacity Of Your Car Roof

We’ve been talking about roof racks. However, you should also familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s roof capacity. As you can guess, the capacity will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

You only need to know the car roof capacity when it doesn’t come with an in-built rack. It’s better not to load things on the bare roof. However, if you must, let me tell you the range.

A car’s roof capacity is similar to a rack’s capacity, which can vary from 70 lbs up to 165 lbs. For example, the jeep wrangler hardtop comes with a capacity of 150 lbs

If you are not sure of your car roof’s weight capacity, check the user manual. The manual will include all the information you need to know about your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between dynamic weight capacity and static weight capacity?

The dynamic weight capacity of a car roof refers to how much weight the car can safely carry when it’s in motion. In simpler terms, the weight capacity of your car when you’re driving it.

On the other hand, the static weight capacity is an indicator of how much weight the car can carry when it’s not in motion. Static weight capacity is always higher than dynamic weight capacity.

2. How much weight can a roof rack hold?

The weight capacity of your car’s roof rack depends on what brand you’re using and what material the rack is made of. Some roof racks can only hold 70 lbs, whereas some can hold up to 165 lbs weight.

Final Words

Even though everyone should follow the simple rule of not overloading their car roof, people often seem to overlook this rule. If you want your car to be undamaged and ensure your safety, I recommend answering the most important question, how much weight can a car roof rack hold?

Roof rack capacities can vary. Find your one and avoid overloading the rack. There’s nothing more essential than safety.

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