How Mushrooms Can Help You Sleep Better


So many Americans struggle with sleep on a daily basis. When you get poor sleep night after night, it adds up. Those afflicted with the issue can wind up tired, irritable, depressed, and unable to complete their daily chores to the best of their abilities.

The quest for better sleep has led many people to sleep aids, but they can make a lot of users feel groggy and irritable. It’s not much better than being tired! More recently, natural sleep aids have emerged victorious as the option of choice for many insomniacs.

Could mushrooms be the answer?

This article explores the possibility of using mushrooms to improve sleep. Which species are best, if any?

Functional Mushrooms and Their Benefits

Mushrooms have been used for centuries as a part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Some species are more popular than others and are employed for a wide array of benefits.

Mushrooms tend to contain certain compounds, like antioxidants, that could be beneficial for human health. They may also contain beta-glucans and polysaccharides, two compounds that may help to support immune system health.

In addition, it’s important to learn when and how to take mushrooms for better sleep before seriously considering including it in your diet. According to experts from Mushroom Revival, you’ll need to take your mushroom in supplemental form for a better night’s sleep. Also, taking this nutritional supplement with your brew of choice is preferable, such as coffee or tea.

Alternatively, you can incorporate mushroom extracts to your food, drink, or smoothie.

As part of an otherwise healthy lifestyle and diet, functional mushroom supplements can yield a great many benefits.

Some of them may lead to better sleep. The most popular mushrooms for sleep are reishi and lion’s mane. In particular, the reishi mushroom has been shown to lead to better sleep, so let’s check it out.

Reishi Mushroom Could Enhance Sleep

Of all the possible mushrooms for sleep, reishi is king. A 2012 study saw participants given three days of reishi supplementation; the results showed that reishi increased total sleep time and non-REM sleep.

The dose in this study was notably high, at 80mg per kg of body weight. This is much more than many users would take daily, but it’s an exciting finding, nonetheless.

Non-REM sleep is vital for the body’s recovery process, and getting enough of it has a significant impact on daily productivity and focus levels. Getting more non-REM is vital, which is why reishi’s potential in this arena is essential.

An even earlier study from 2005 looked at reishi’s impact on neurasthenia. This condition is characterized by fatigue, irritability, and emotional disturbance. The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. After eight weeks of reishi supplementation, participants had “significantly lower scores” for fatigue.

It appears that reishi mushrooms could lead to better sleep with frequent use, thereby reducing fatigue.

Of course, much more thorough research is needed before anything can be said for sure. For now, the preliminary studies are exciting.

How To Use Reishi Mushrooms

Before incorporating reishi mushrooms into your routine, you must know how to use them effectively. If you have any underlying health issues, consult your doctor first to ensure it’s safe to use. You may need to understand that the proper dosage varies, so to be safe, it’s best to stick to the supplement’s recommended dosage.

Suppose you are tempted to take more than the recommended dosage. Keep in mind that you may not get additional benefits. If you’ve never had reishi mushroom before, it’s better to start with a lower dose till your body gets used to it and gradually increase it until you experience its effects.

The best time to take your supplement is in the evening after dinner or before bedtime. This approach will allow your body the time it needs to process the supplement and reap its benefits.

Where to Get Mushrooms for Sleep

If you want to buy mushrooms for sleep, you have many options. As the popularity of mushroom supplements continues to grow, there are more and more brands entering the marketplace.

It’s imperative to find a reputable brand offering results that you will be satisfied with. The best place to buy mushroom capsules for sleep right now is VidaCap click this link, a brand pioneering the mushroom industry.

This US-based brand provides a wide range of high-quality mushroom supplements, but the Mushroom Capsules for Sleep are some of the best.

The thing that sets VidaCap apart when it comes to mushrooms for sleep is the added ingredients. Alongside 750mg of reishi per capsule, there is passionflower extract and melatonin. Both of these ingredients are additional natural sleep aids.

What’s more, VidaCap uses the fruiting bodies of their reishi to ensure maximum benefits; 30-35% of the reishi extract in the sleep capsules consists of polysaccharides. They are also paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan.

Although there are multiple places to buy mushrooms for sleep, VidaCap is among the few more reputable brands offering lab reports. This safety guarantee ensures that the product contains exactly what it says on the label; it shows that the brand goes above and beyond.

Final Thoughts: How Mushroom Supplements Could Improve Sleep

Of all the potential mushrooms for sleep, reishi is the most common. Preliminary studies show that reishi extract could improve non-REM sleep, which is vital for daily productivity and energy levels.

If you are seeking mushroom supplements that will help you sleep, ensure you buy from a trustworthy brand. When in doubt, check online reviews to find out what other customers are loving.

It can also be useful to seek a product with added ingredients that facilitate sleep, such as melatonin.


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