How not to overuse aftershave for a business meeting!

It is a good habit to wear fragrant scents to feel refreshed and rejuvenating. But often-times, it is downright offensive to your colleagues when you reek of overwhelming fragrance. This is often the problem when people incorrectly apply the aftershave.

Especially if you are going to attend a business meeting, you don’t want the room to be overwhelmed with a strong scent of overused cologne or aftershave.

The overuse of aftershave might prove to be intolerable to others in the office or meeting. Strong scents can cause allergic reactions and migraines to people in your surroundings with sensitive olfactory senses. There is no doubt in the fact that it is humiliating for both you and your colleagues alike. No one likes getting their mistakes pointed out to them in public.

Well, we are here to help you spare the feelings of getting embarrassed and scarred in your professional life. We will be elaborating on how to correctly apply the correct amount of aftershave. This will certainly assist you in gaining confidence in the work you do and being an effective and efficient team member in the office.

Choosing a Good Aftershave:

When getting a new aftershave try to go for the ones which have natural ingredients and scents. If the aftershave has witch hazel, it will be great!

Since witch hazel is good at clearing any impurities or dead skin left behind after shaving, this helps clear your skin and pores and gives a fresh radiating complexion.

Aftershave is a disinfectant, and its purpose is to kill the bacteria and prevent infections. There are 4 simple steps of applying the aftershave correctly;

1-Rinsing your face

After you are done shaving your facial hair, cup your hands together, and splash cold water on to your face. This will remove the shaving cream and the hair from the countenance. When you splash the water on your face, make sure not to rub it too hard, which might cause irritation and redness on the shaved area.

The reason for using cold water is that the skin pores contracts and closes. This prevents the impurities from sticking inside the pores.

Once you are done rinsing the face use a soft dry towel to tap yourself dry gently. No need for drying out your skin completely. The damp skin will help absorb the aftershave faster and be much more effective. You don’t want your face drizzling with water while applying the aftershave.

2-Get aftershave onto your Palms

Get the aftershave onto your palm, either by pouring 2-3 drops.

Otherwise, you can form a film of aftershave by putting the bottle upside down against your palm. In this case, lesser is better since you don’t want yourself reeking of aftershave and being unbearable to your colleagues. The aftershave is mainly composed of alcohol. If you apply it directly to your face the alcohol will evaporate and leave your skin too dry.

This brings us to the next step:

3-Rub your Palms together

Pat your palms together gently so that both palms have the aftershave. Rub your palms together gently for about 2-4 seconds once you have an equal amount on both your palms. For approximately 2-3 seconds, let the excess alcohol evaporates into the air. After that massage, the aftershave on the shaved off regions on your face, make sure not to rub it too hard since you might develop rashes.

The aftershave is simply a disinfectant and giving a refreshed feel after shaving. So make sure to use a minuscule amount of aftershave, it is not a perfume or deodorant that you can use in excess.

Massage the aftershave from your cheeks downwards to the shaven regions. Do it in one direction and make sure that you massage thoroughly enough. This will make the scent and effects of aftershave to soak into your skin and last longer.

Note: In case you think the coat of aftershave did not cover the entirety of your face then you can repeat the same process. Just keep in mind that too much aftershave might prove to be offensive to your teammates or colleagues.


Most of the time, people underestimate the necessity of a moisturizer. Moisturizer helps retain the scent of the aftershave longer and keep the aroma mild.

Once you are done shaving and applying aftershave. It is now necessary that you moisturize your skin with a high-quality natural moisturizer. After putting on the aftershave it sloughs the dead skin and leaves behind clean but dry skin.

The moisturizer hydrates the skin and, more importantly, helps retain the aftershave aroma longer. The moisturizer helps promote healthy and glowing skin.

Apply a dime-sized amount of lotion onto your palms and massage your face in a circular motion to reinvigorate and revitalize your clean shaved face. The moisturizer also helps in diluting the essence of the aftershave so that it is not too empowering.


Often-times people, utilize aftershave to hide their Body Odor (B.O) to save time from taking a bath. Instead of giving them a good scent, it worsens their body odor, which consequently disturbs others and makes it unbearable for them to stand near you. So don’t make this mistake!

Aftershave is a complementary grooming product to make you feel comfortable after a shave. It’s not a replacement for a perfume that you sprinkle yourself with it. A tiny amount is enough to comfort shave and freshen you up.

When in a meeting or a closed space, the strong smell of the aftershave can prove inconvenient to the people around you.

Just make sure to follow the steps mentioned in the articles so that you will be spared from the feelings of embarrassment.