How Our Music Preferences May Influence the Relationship

Numerous issues influence the relationship and some of them are well-known and quite obvious. People pay a lot of attention to such things as common goals and interests, hobbies, and understanding of each other. However, such a simple thing as music may also be a decisive factor for the partners. Which genres seem most attractive to men and women and in what cases this can cause a break?

TickPick, an American ticketing service, conducted a study and found out how our musical tastes influence romantic relationships. It turned out that most directly. It becomes clear that it is necessary to pay attention to such a factor as music preferences. They are usually indicated on each dating site, which makes it easier to learn more about a certain person. In that way, it is reasonable not only to analyze the music tastes of a chosen woman or man but also think about those you have.

For example, when two people have completely different musical preferences, they prefer to continue their relationship only in two percent of cases. This number is quite shocking, isn’t it? However, try to imagine how would you like to act in such a situation. And in those couples who can enjoy music together, satisfaction with each other and emotional connection grow. Not to mention the fact that their communication is becoming more complete. It can develop into a mutual hobby or at least into some pastime at the concert together.

According to the study, one out of five people could not date someone whose musical taste he or she considers bad. Only 46% of women and 54% of men would be able to enter into an affair with a person with a bad, in their opinion, taste. Of course, it doesn’t relate to people who are not interested in music or who are more loyal. At the same time, it is possible to understand those, who don’t want to spend time with someone, who doesn’t approve their choice of music.

Men consider hip-hop to be the most unattractive genre — there 45% of them. For women, such a genre is heavy metal (37%). Favorite genres for men and women are classic rock (41%) and hip-hop (39%), respectively. It is evident that hip-hop is quite a controversial genre. While some people hate it, others love it.

Partners able to enjoy classic rock, old songs, jazz, country, and folk together rated their satisfaction with their partner 8.5 points or higher. But the most attractive genre for both men and women is classic rock. It is possible to state that the genre doesn’t influence the strength of the love affair. The main point is to have a similar taste.

35% of single people cannot listen to certain music, because it reminds them of their former partner. It is obvious that music has a strong influence on people and their emotional state. In that way, the music preferences are so important in the relationship.