How Privacy and performance of a VPN provider matters to its users?

A strict no-logs policy is followed by NordVPN as it does not keep the logs of any user activity. The NordVPN is based in Panama and has over 3000 number of servers. The server countries in which NordVPN is available are also more than 58 in numbers. This NordVPN provider says that it does not track any of its users. NordVPN undoubtedly is full of amazing features which makes not only simple users but also experienced experts to fall in love with this VPN. Today, I am writing this NordVPN review to tell you how this VPN provider is strict when it comes to the protection of its users.

In the Terms of Service of NordVPN provider, it is stated that it uses tracking cookies for analyzing trends, track user movements, administer the site, and to gather the demographic information about our user base. But all this is for the purpose of work and protection of its users. So, if you ever need a VPN to get access to any site in any part of the world, remember NordVPN is the best you can find.

The NordVPN only asks for an email address and password to protect its users. It is required during the account activation process, and you can pay anonymously. The payment can be made with PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin. We all know how VPN is necessary for access to the block sites. It helps you get to every website easily and without any serious hassles.

Performance of the NordVPN

NordVPN doesn’t disappoint its users when it comes to speed and performance. It is indeed one of the best VPN service available out there. NordVPN speeds were more than acceptable for just about every task in every country it is tested. NordVPN, without any doubt, focuses on its features and also include video streaming in 1080p. Most of the VPN services tend to focus more on privacy protection relatively than on performance. This is shown clearly in the connection times of NordVPN that it focuses on both privacy protection and performance.

NordVPN and Netflix

NordVPN is one of the few VPNs that is providing the world all the great features at one place. Its consistent work, effort and some trickery helped it to make it one of the VPN who has Netflix’s VPN-blocking filters. NordVPN users can access Netflix from any US server, whereas the Hulu within a specific range can also be accessed with servers.

NordVPN is a VPN provider who has several support pages dedicated to the topic. It tells servers how they can have complete access to Netflix and Hulu with its servers. Its support pages help the users troubleshoot any issues when NordVPN’s Netflix workarounds change from time to time. This NordVPN review is also the best review of the VPN service you can find.

Is NordVPN Right for You?

Privacy of the users and performance of its servers is all that what matters to the company most. No one can compromise on the privacy of its users, and if one can do, then it can’t be trusted anymore. NordVPN is on the list of most powerful VPNs of the world, and this NordVPN takes the privacy of its users very seriously. It is one of the few VPNs today that are able to provide consistent access to US Netflix when overseas. NordVPN is a very user-friendly interface and strict no-logs policy. It is very easy for the user to use.

There are also some other options that may be better in ultimate security and privacy than NordVPN. But NordVPN for sure has some superior services that make it the favourite of people. NordVPN is the perfect fit if you are looking for the VPN with a good amount of privacy protections. It also has a complete range of servers and features and gives its users access not only to US-based Netflix but also to other streaming services.