How PVC Foam Board Machine Ensures PVC Foam Board Sheet?


Unlike other building materials with similar functionality, PVC foam board sheets, which are made by high-quality PVC foam board machines, are becoming a popular preference because of their several features and multi-purpose capabilities. Whether it is the construction, packaging, or signage industry, it is present everywhere.

With PVC foam board sheets gaining traction across several industries, especially those made by high-quality PVC foam board machines, the PVC foam sheet market is growing at an unprecedented rate. In 2019, the global market of PVC foam sheets for structural composites was worth $900 million, and between 2020 and 2030, estimates suggest it will grow at a CAGR of 4%.

Thus, this article will guide you to know more about PVC foam board sheets and the vital role of PVC foam board machines in the production process.

Benefits of Using PVC Foam Board Sheets

First, here you will master some benefits of PVC foam board sheets that will only be enjoyed when sheets are produced by leveraging a capable PVC foam board machine along the production line.

  • Water Resistance: The composition of PVC foam boards does not change even when they come into contact with water. It is primarily thanks to its solid resistance to water, which makes it suitable for varying harsh conditions.
  • Corrosion Resistance: PVC foam board sheets also maintain chemical stability when they are brought in close contact with chemicals. At the same time, they also resist any form of deformation owing to their anti-corrosive properties.
  • Conveniently Moldable: PVC is moldable to any shape to meet desired requirements. Meanwhile, it is enduring that you can use it for a long period.
  • High Strength & Durability: PVC foam boards are mechanically robust, and they are thus durable, and for this reason, their applications are seen widely in the construction industry. They are as strong as surviving for decades without causing significant deterioration.
  • Cost-Effective: There is no better substitution of aluminum and wood than PVC foam board sheets since they maintain the same state for prolonged periods without requiring extra maintenance. More importantly, they are cost-effective because cutting and drilling them do not need specialized tooling and equipment.

How PVC Foam Board Machines Produce PVC Foam Board Sheets?

Benefits of Using PVC Foam Board Sheets

After clearly comprehending the benefits of PVC foam board sheets, the next thing is to clarify the importance of using capable PVC foam board machines. The following are the major steps of PVC foam board machines that produce sheets.

A PVC foam board machine begins PVC foam board sheets by swallowing raw materials in the desired proportions. First and foremost, it melts raw materials with the help of plasticizers, and afterward, the T-shaping die receives the molten plastic expelled under high pressure from the end of the barrel of the machine. Subsequently, it goes into the mouth of the mold.

In the mold, foaming takes place with the help of foaming agents and a reduction in pressure. After it cools down in the mold, the PVC foam boards move through the cooling bridge. Later on, the trimming of the edges of the boards occurs before the cutter breaks the boards into pieces. In simplistic terms, it is how a PVC foam board machine produces PVC foam board sheets, but the condition is that only capable PVC foam board machines can prove to be efficient in all regards.

Where to Buy Supreme-Quality PVC Foam Board Machines?

Where to Buy Supreme-Quality PVC Foam Board Machines

Advanced tech-driven PVC foam board machine is the need of the hour in the rapidly advancing world. When buying a PVC foam board machine, you need to consider the consistent quality and experience of the manufacturer.

In this regard, Boyu has been doing a phenomenal job for the last two decades, adopting all the electric components from internationally famous brands. Other advantages of its PVC foam board machine include an automatic control system, a synchronized control system to avoid board breaking, a screw-fracture prevention control system to regulate screw speed, an auto board-stacking system, an anti-blocking mold and dust collector system.

Boyu, established in 1998, is leading the market with efficient, safe, reliable, and even eco-friendly PVC foam board production lines. Boyu develops innovative research to manufacture these machines as it invests heavily in R&D. You can check out more products offered by Boyu, which will bring significant surprise to you.

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