How Relevant are Press Releases for SEO and Exposure in Recent Times?


These days, many marketers see press releases as an old-fashioned way of passing information. However, such an assumption is wrong. Even in today’s society, thousands of press release distributions are going on daily.

However, beyond the distribution, it is important to assess how effective these press releases are, especially in improving online exposure and SEO rankings.

The truth is, if you use press releases right, they are very beneficial for marketing and promotions. But, if you don’t do it right, it could be a waste of time and effort.

Benefits of Press Releases

Your Brand’s News gets heard directly from you

The best person to tell your story, share information, or make an announcement about your brand is you. The facts are with you and you can tell them as they are, unlike reported news that could be wrongly narrated or not properly represented.

Share all the details about your product launches, mergers and acquisitions, financial reports, and official statements to news networks and the interested public through press release distribution.

The reason companies have continued to leverage press releases for over a century is because it helps them put out the facts and it goes a long way to ensure that all relevant news channels report the statement as it is.

Press release distribution gives you leverage

Whether you’re a start-up seeking new customers and investors, or you’re a public traded company, you can get your business before the eyes of the audience that matter using a press release.

Social media and blog posts might be important, but they don’t have the same impact as when you engage in press releases that could make it to news publications, whether local or major. 

A press release is a worthwhile investment because it sets you up for the right kind of exposure with the right impact on your brand and business.

Promote Brand Awareness

Press release writing and distribution will not only take your news to a global audience, but will also set you up for positive brand associations and mentions. 

Whether or not you get a news platform or website to include a link to your site, the goodwill and positive awareness you get when your press release makes the news is very important. If you’re looking for a Long Island Web Design Company, you’ve come to the right place. We offer affordable, custom website designs and development services that can help businesses everywhere get online today!

The more positive mentions you get, the more awareness, reputation, and authoritative standing you get. It is also possible for search engines might use your website’s mentions to gauge your brand authority, even without backlinks to your site. 

People who read your press releases form opinions about your brand. If you’re able to pass information that makes them positively disposed towards your brand, you’ll find more news outlets sharing your press release and more people reading it.

Press Releases are worth your while

If you have relevant and newsworthy information to share, press releases will always be important for you.

However, you must ensure to write your press release properly and ensure great distribution.

After that, sit back and watch how much exposure you gain.

Importantly, don’t rely on your press release distribution to boost your Google rankings and backlinks automatically. It is your qualitative website content that’ll achieve that for you.

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