How Showing Related Products Increases E-Commerce Sales


A related product extension, like the Magento 2 Related Products, is a vital tool to have in your online store. Related product tools have a proven track record of improving the customer’s shopping experience and increasing sales. Here’s how:

Virtual reminder

Customers can often forget some of the things they were looking for or are interested in buying during an online browse of your store. When customers are in a physical store, a salesperson is typically there to guide them towards products they’re interested in and show them related products they may not have thought of purchasing. Related product extensions can do that virtually by suggesting products to similar or complementary to what the customer is purchasing.


Related product tools give you the chance to offer product bundles in your online store. Bundles will increase sales and help customers discover new products that they otherwise would not have been introduced to. 

A personal touch

Perhaps the most important feature of related products tools it the personal touch they are able to give customers through the internet. Just as an in-person salesperson would offer customer recommendations based on what they’re looking for and their tastes and preferences, the related products tool is able to do that virtually. It gives the online customer a sense of human interaction and they will feel cared for and that their likes and wants are being listened to, even online. When a customer returns to the online store, the extension is able to keep data of their past purchases and make new recommendations. This way the customer is seeing things that are likely to actually like and purchase instead of random items. The customer will be more likely to make a bigger purchase and return thanks to these features and levels of customer service that is often not possible virtually. 

Smart Technology

One of the great things about a related product extension is, it just makes sense! For example: if a customer is shopping at your online store for a new laptop, they find the laptop and add it to their cart. They think they are done with the purchase when all of a sudden they see a related product: a leather bag for laptop. “Oh wow, I DO need a laptop bag… I didn’t even think of that!”, thinks the customer. Now they are grateful for your recommendation, view your website positively, and are spending more money, but, since the laptop bag is a necessity they are not feeling like they got taken advantage of or upsold unnecessarily. Now, you have a happy customer and a happy bottom line.

Any type of extension, like a related product extension, is an investment that will help improve your customer experience leading to increased loyalty and customer retention. In essence, the Magento 2 Related Products extension, and other programs out there are automatically upselling to your customers.  Once you have the module installed and working, you can fine-tune the extension and optimize how you will use the features in order to get the most satisfaction, success, and of course, sales.

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