How Skips Can Help With the Effective Removal of Waste


Skips are large waste receptacles that are used to remove significant amounts of waste from a property, including from residential, commercial and industrial buildings or sites. Choose ASAP Skip Bins for cheap skip bin rental in Auckland and the surrounding areas. They are collected by expert skip providers, such as The Waste Brokerage Company, and emptied at a waste transfer station where the different waste is separated and sent to the appropriate facilities, such as recycling. Because of their sturdy and durable construction, they can be used to dispose of heavy loads. In this guide, we will detail how skips can help with the effective removal of waste.

What Can Go into Skips?

To put it simply, most household waste is able to be put in a skip. For example, if you have a large build-up of recyclable items that are too big to put in your regular recycling boxes, they can go in a skip. This includes plastic, paper, cardboard and metal. The same applies to garden waste that may accumulate from a garden renovation, such as uncontaminated soil, leaves and branches.

Skips are also ideal for waste that is too big to be transported or disposed of in a regular bin, such as wood or timber, furniture, non-electrical fittings and bricks or rubble. This makes them ideal for use both at home and in an industrial setting, such as on building sites or during a house move.

What Can’t Go into Skips?

There are certain things that cannot go in a skip, however. This is usually to protect individuals and the environment from potentially hazardous substances, such as gas cylinders, asbestos, batteries, solvents, fuel, liquids and paints. All of these have dangerous materials that need to be dealt with in specialised facilities, so do not put these in a skip.

Electrical equipment, big or small, should also not go in a skip and should instead be taken to a local recycling centre that has an electrical waste disposal bin. Other unsuitable items include medical waste, tyres, plasterboard and mattresses. Contact your local authority to find out about their guidelines if you need to dispose of these materials.

How Skips Aid in the Removal of Waste

There are many reasons that skips are incredibly helpful when it comes to removing waste, not least because it offers a simple solution to getting rid of the types of waste listed above. Still not convinced? Here are our top three ways that skips can aid in the removal of waste.

1. Various sizes fit any purpose

There are many different types of skips available for hire depending on your budget, amount of waste and setting, making it a very flexible solution. If you have limited space and are worried that a skip won’t fit on your property, there is a small skip available to suit you, including a 2 yard or 4 yard. If you have a larger build-up of materials that need removing, there will be a large skip fit for this purpose, like a 12 yard or 35 yard. This means that anyone can benefit from using a skip, especially with a variety of options available to fit any budget.

2. Get rid of large amounts of waste

Of course, one of the main benefits of skips is that they allow you to get rid of large amounts of waste. Relying on weekly bin collections from your local council or taking regular trips to the tip sometimes just isn’t enough, especially if you are renovating your home, clearing a green space or working on a building site. Waste builds up fast and having a skip means you have somewhere to put it and can get it removed by professionals whenever the skip is full.

3. Skips ensure your project site remains clean

This is especially vital on commercial or industrial sites that have a lot of waste building up at once that may cause a hazard if not disposed of quickly. Not having a way to get rid of rubble and building materials can cause project sites to become dirty and messy, and therefore unsafe. Having a skip available negates these potential risks before they become problematic.

How Effective Waste Management Solutions Can Make Your Life Easier

Having an effective waste management solution in place makes your life easier because it removes the stress of trying to find a way to dispose of your waste after it has built up. Mess, health issues and environmental problems can all be avoided when you have a comprehensive waste management plan.

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