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At some point, you may have to consider replacing your windows. Even after performing several repairs through the years, windows will eventually become drafty, noisy and perhaps also let in the rain. When you get to that point, you need window replacement units.

Fortunately, you will probably have endless options. However, you should take care before choosing hastily, because the best window replacement units should be based on how your home is designed among other factors.

The expert team at is sharing the inside scoop on selecting replacement windows. This guide will teach you how to spot the best replacement option that will make your home comfortable and more beautiful.

Consider the Extent of Damage

Window replacement all around the house is usually a costly venture. However, you can save money by first identifying the extent of damage and choosing the best option for your situation. As long as your existing frames and sills are intact, you can merely buy partial replacement units. These are known as pocket replacements because they are fitted into the pre-existing frame. However, you may want to consider a full-frame replacement window if the damage is too much.

Sometimes a lot of homeowners will be tempted to invest in a full frame replacement anyway when they remodel. This purchase decision is because there is this belief that newer window designs are more energy efficient. In fact, windows that are Energy Star certified provide between 7% and 15% energy savings, which translates to between $100 and $500 every year.

Window replacement professionals note that sound quality windows could last between 15 to 20 years or even longer if they are adequately maintained. This lifespan may also depend on the material used. Vinyl windows have an even longer life of up to 25 years, but they, too, have very high initial installation costs.

In that case, if you are replacing windows just because of potential energy savings, it may not be an economically sound decision. Window replacement should be based on the extent of the damage. Only consider replacing the entire unit if the wear is significant.

It’s Not the Cost That Matters Most

When shopping, you will find that there are so many different window options that vary in terms of design and the type of material used for the frame. The effectiveness and longevity of various window frames are not determined by price.  You may realize that some higher priced models are not even good at keeping out cold air and rain.

But for many window experts, vinyl windows are far more durable and stronger compared to other frame materials in the market. Vinyl is also relatively cheaper too.  Therefore, when looking at window replacement options for your home, do not get hung up on the cost of the window itself, but instead focus on the effectiveness of the particular models. Your contractor should help you in this regard and inform you of the most effective models in the market.

Match Your Choice to the Climate

Some window units that work for one region may be completely ineffective in a different one. For example, double or triple glazed windows are ideal for cold climates but not warmer areas. Double hung windows, conversely, are also better at keeping out rain and wind than other types of windows.

This insulation makes them ideal for chilly or rainy areas. Vinyl windows have better insulation than aluminum and cost less than fiberglass, making them a perfect choice for cold temperature regions. So in general, the type of window you purchase has to be based entirely on climatic conditions in your area.

Check the Warranty

Finally, you can save yourself the headaches by just checking how long your manufacturer’s warranty covers your windows. As already mentioned, window replacement is costly, and it isn’t something you should be doing every so often. The warranty may include costs of repairs and replacements too if need be.

There are overwhelmingly many factors to consider when you are purchasing window replacement units. However, the most important thing is to buy units that will last long, are pocket-friendly, and will deliver a revamped look for your home. Don’t also forget to consider professional installation services.

Meet the writer: Dan Hatcher is the window expert behind Zen Windows of Austin. A three-decade veteran of the home improvement industry, Dan can take the pane out of selecting new windows.

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