How Tattoos Can Limit the Career


Some of us think of tattooing as a tribute to fashion, others consider it to be a charming talisman, a unique motivator, or a warm memory about the dearest person or event marked on the skin. The art of tattooing that was popular among millennials finds more fans within all ages and layers of society.

Modern tattoos have nothing more in common with criminals, and none of us takes fright at a heavily inked delivery man, salesperson, cafe worker, or private business owner. Today one in five American citizens has at least one ink inscription on their body. But when it comes to employment, the tattoo may affect career potential. Let’s reveal in what way.

How Tattoos Affect Job Opportunities

According to tattoo discrimination statistics, six in ten employers wouldn’t hire an applicant with a face tattoo, and only four in ten would be tolerant to the number and location of the tattoos during employment. Some companies require a strict code of appearance and a specific uniform to wear, excluding visible tattoos, body mods, piercings, or unnatural hair colors.
To get a professional look, the tattoos should be covered up. But there’s no reason to hide the fact that you have tattoos if you are asked about it in the interview. Having non-visible tattoos doesn’t affect your career, so if you decide to ink anything cool on your thigh, it would be safe for your job prospects.

Restrictions for Hiring Tattooed Candidates

How Tattoos Can Limit the Career 2

Although employers have become relaxed about visible tattoos which are more common nowadays, the stereotypes stay strong. Major employers or customers believe a tattooed worker intended to work with clients looks far cry away from a real pro, lacking in seriousness. It’s better to avoid the face, neck, hand, or wrist ink inscriptions, as being associated with convicts, gang members, and lack of maturity, they can ruin your career.

But what is really important is the things your specific tattoo depicts. Wise choices about drawings, words, or symbols provide a better chance of being able to show them with pride while you’re at work. Sexy, obscene, terrifying, or other strange tattoos of uncomfortable topics show that a candidate is a workplace unfriendly.
Here is a list of subjects that definitely prevent employer from hiring:

● Gang symbols;
● Violence / Blood / Death
● Hate / Racism;
● Sex / Nudity;
● Swear words / Slurs.

Industries Allowing Tattoos

Actors, singers, or social media influencers make the tattoos integral components of their legacy as well as the things they’re known for. Though self-expression is not always a priority in the workplace, some professions allow for inks. Industries associated with creativity welcome the presence of tattoos even on the faces or wrists.
According to your talent, you may choose any profession relevant to the following industries:

● Beauty & Fashion;
● Sport & fitness;
● Automotive Industry;
● Entertainment;
● Medicine;
● Social Media & Marketing;
● Technology & Computer Science.

Applying for Government Job with a Tattoo

The tattoos above the neck and below the elbow are a no-no, as back drawing is hard to notice, but a forearm sleeve threatens to disfigure your care. Still, there are plenty of roles within federal agencies, coming in the category of desk jobs, where tattoos are not restricted, for instance:

● Engineering services;
● Laboratory Technician;
● Clerk;
● Scientist;
● Probationary Officer;
● Nutritionist.

Industries Restricting Tattoos

If you are acknowledged on how to apply for a federal job,, you know that careful reading of all the terms and conditions of employment and medical requirements is helpful for avoiding the troubles later. Some agencies cite professional standards and require their employees or agents to have no visible tattoos.
US Employment law shows no regulations, protecting tattooed individuals from discrimination. The type of job dictates the tolerance for tattoos in the workplace. In those professions, which greatly depend on the trust-inspiring public image, it can still be a challenge to sport a tattoo. Unlike the roles where you need to cover all inscriptions, some prohibit them completely. Among the listing of companies and institutions, promoting a “no-tattoo” policy are:

● Law Enforcement;
● Military Forces;
● Cabin Crew;
● Healthcare;
● Education;
● Corporation.

Final Thoughts

Visible tattoos tend to be far more acceptable in the workplace, as companies are becoming more open to tattooed professionals, especially in the big cities. Still, certain prejudices and old-fashioned judgments against tattooed job-seekers exist within some federal agencies, education and health industries, and the corporate world, where sporting visible tattoos costs you a promotion or career growth.

If you haven’t made up your mind about career goals or current job, give your plans of getting inked a miss for a while. There are some places where the slogan “My body, My rules” is a damp squib, as well as getting a tattoo is handled as a career-ending or hurting job prospects move. If you already got the ink, it is best to err on the side of caution when interviewing or working and not to show it all.

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