How the glass U value been affected by the installation angle?


In most projects,glass is installed vertically.With high performance silver low-E coating,the insulated glass on the vertical facade will decrease the solar energy transmitted the glass,and save air conditioner heating and cooling fees.
While many architects have designed many unique facades,the facade is not 90° vertically,but with some slopes,and glass is also used in skylight to get more light transmittance.But will the insulated glass thermal insulation performance change under this situation?

Here is the result we calculated with Berkeley LBNL window 7.5,NFRC100 standard,based on Solarban 60 coatings.

Solarban 60 coatings

As we can see,the glass tile angle from 90° to 0°,there’s almost no performance difference despite the U value in Winter,it increase from 1.67 to 2.47W/M2.K.
So we can see ,in winter ,especially cold areas,the insulated glass angles will allow more heating going out the glass and increase the interior heating costs.While the tilted glass,especially the skylight glass will allow more solar energy energy transmitted through the glass,so designers should consider and balance this issue when designing the facade glass .

How about the laminated glass?Let’s take 6+1.52+6 clear tempered laminated glass as example

Solarban 60 coatings 2

with the glass installation angle decrease from 90° to 0°,different from insulated glass,laminated glass U value decrease both in winter and summer.Other performance data,light transmittance,reflective,solar transmittance,SC and SHGC all change very little.
As we can see,the glass installation angle affect glass U value much,so don’t forget calculating the glass U value when glass is not installed vertically.
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