How thick should gym mats be?

At least 8mm thick should gym mats be. There is a lot of confusion in trying to choose the right mat to be able to carry out your physical activities, inside your home. There are, however, some precautions that we can take, and that allows us to make the best choice.

When you need to perform fitness type exercises, which are free bodied, but also functional. You must try to buy a product that has excellent adhesion to the floor, which therefore remains stationary.

While performing the exercises, reducing the risk of injury.

An important feature and that this must try to cushion what may be the noises that are created during the exercises.

This must be washable by hand, so as to be able to perform this operation in a simple way.

It does not need particularly consistent padding and must absolutely avoid making creases, always keeping it smooth.

Product dimensions

The width recommended for the various types of exercises varies from 60 to 90 cm, while the length of the same can vary from 120 to 200 cm. This depends a lot on the type of exercise, but above all on our height, in fact, the right choice, it is concretized with a mat that is able to completely cover our lying body, from head to toe in a particularly comfortable way, therefore also with margins on each side.

Stretching activity

Sometimes there are those who prefer to perform stretching activities on the mat. Its function is to be able to relax and also perform massages, to stretch our muscles. Suitable mainly also for those people who do not regularly play sports, but who do not want to give up their personal well-being, especially from the physical point of view, making the least effort possible.

This is because it allows you to have greater support in your back but not only, even in what are the various joints that are called into question, going to feel what is a feeling of softness, during the phases of stretching in different positions. The basic dimensions can vary from 60 to 100 cm as regards the width, the length instead can vary from 1 20 to 190 cm. The thickness, however, ranges from a minimum of one centimeter to a maximum of 3 cm.

Mats suitable for sedentary exercises

In the event that we are going to perform exercises, where all our parts of the body are in close contact with the mat, in this case, our choice must fall on those which are very stable, and which are able to isolate those that are the cold temperatures that can occur on the floor, without making us feel the cold.

You can also choose personalized mats, as for the subjects. The dimensions indicated for these exercises performed entirely in contact with the mat and with the whole body.

This occurs in multi-function mode, facts can also be used for yoga, pilates, stretching and abdominal exercises, or even for camping, picnic, or even to sleep on it.
It has a length of 183 cm and a width of 60 and a thickness of just under a centimeter and a half. Mat with high density, with particularly light foam.

Features of a good fitness mat

A first element to evaluate carefully is the materials used in the production of the mat. These must guarantee maximum resistance; on the market, there are usually models in PVC, nitrile rubber, and ethylene-vinyl acetate in expanded polyethylene. A further important factor is represented by the length of the mat which can be greater than the average height of a person lying down or can be shorter.

It is also important to evaluate the thickness, which can be high in case you have to support activities that need special protection, while the thin thickness models can be useful for those who have to carry out exercises that do not require frequent contact with the surface.

Is Eva foam good for gym floor?

Yes, Eva foam good for a gym floor. Each tile is 1 cm thick and is made of double-sheet A free EVA foam, which is soft enough for stretching or yoga but also durable enough for aerobic activity.

Many note that it’s a great option for gym flooring if you’re on a tight budget. However, some users have found that the tiles separate at the joints when doing high-intensity exercises. Someone then has the signs of the burdens, while others say they leave after a while. Indeed, someone complained that the tiles were of different blacks.

Advantage of Eva foam

  • Size: 30x30x1 cm
  • Non-slip
  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • EVA foam without bisphenol A
  • Resistant to cold
  • Easy to clean

Is it OK to workout on carpet?

Yes, It’s ok to workout on carpet. Obviously, in this case, much will depend on the use to which the product will be destined and therefore on the type of exercises that will be supported. For the workout, it can be very useful to opt for large products, such as the appropriate workout carpet, in order to facilitate the positions to be adopted.

What is the best flooring for garage gym?

Rubber flooring is the best flooring for garage gym. Rubber flooring is definitely an excellent choice if we talk about heavy loads that will be dropped on the ground daily. The installation of the rubberized flooring is very simple and you can comfortably do it yourself.

Tiles, parquet and the like are certainly excellent for your living room or bedroom, but absolutely inadequate for a home gym or better a home gym. Due to the heavy loads that are repeatedly dropped on the ground, the flooring can soon be damaged, if we put a carpet on it, this offers minimal protection and could tear. Furthermore, the cleaning of the latter is complicated.

As already mentioned, rubber flooring is certainly the best choice. Cleaning is very simple, just pass the surface with hot water and a little detergent for floors. In addition, this flooring offers you the best compromise between protection and stability when performing various exercises.

You have the choice between the rolled flooring, which will give the gym a note of homogeneity, or the one in plates, with which you can indulge in laying. In both cases, laying the flooring is very easy and you can comfortably do it on your own.