How to Achieve a Simple Yet Fashionable Look for Women


More often than not, women find nothing to wear for a particular event or occasion even if they have a closet full of clothes. This is because they may find the pieces that they own too plain and boring for the event or just inappropriate. If you think that all your clothes are rather too simple, then read on because the expert tips below will help you become fashionable nonetheless.


One of the primary ways to achieve a simple but fashionable look is to always wear a piece of accessory that will enhance your overall outfit. Mimi and Maya, the fashion enthusiasts behind, suggest that you wear a solid statement piece that can transform your ensemble from something plain into something head-turning. In this case, you can wear a statement necklace, a great pair of earrings, or use a pop-color bag that will instantly draw attention. With this in mind, make it a habit to accessorize with bold colors, particularly if your closet is composed of dresses and clothes in neutral hues. 

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is often the case that you already go for a particular line or kind of clothes when you shop. However, it won’t hurt to step out of your comfort zone from time to time and try out something new. For instance, you can consider 1800 fashion trends just to be unique or you can go for a bold-colored top rather than the neutral hue that you have been used to. Just keep in mind that the clothes that you go for should still work for you. This means that you need to get clothes that will suit your frame and that fits you perfectly. These should enhance your figure in the right way, such as how nude pumps tend to elongate your legs or how V-necks make your torso look longer.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is composed of a few couples of pieces that you can immediately mix and match, particularly in the mornings when you are running late and in a rush, with no time to plan what to wear. In this case, you need to invest in classic pieces that will last a long time, such as a black dress that you can wear both to work or special occasions. A classic white shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, as well as a pair of comfortable black pumps are also some of the essential pieces that you need to stock up on. Timeless jewelry will also never fail you in bringing life to your ensemble. Otherwise, make sure that you have your outfits planned out to ensure stress-free mornings.

The tips mentioned above are only some of the ways on how you can achieve a simple yet fashionable look. You can tweak it a bit to be perfect as a daily look or level it up to be appropriate for more formal occasions. The important thing is that you exude confidence because this is the key to achieving a fashionable look, regardless of the specific outfit that you are wearing.


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