How to Achieve Positive Family Work-Life Balance


If you’re working, especially acting as the breadwinner of the family, you may be having difficulty balancing the time you allot for work and the time you spend with your family. Sometimes, we even convince ourselves that sacrificing family time will benefit our family since it will bring more spending money for bills and living expenses. However, this practice is unhealthy since you risk your relationship with your loved ones. It could make your family and loved ones think you don’t care about them enough. Maintaining a work-life balance is essential since you must spend time with your loved ones as often as possible. After all, if you get used to prioritizing work over family, they will get used to not having you be a part of their lives. As a parent you have to take all of this into account, and how being absent can create a lack of positive mental health for your adolescent and even hurt the motivation for teens. Read on as we share how maintaining family balance while working a gazillion hours is possible.

Top Things You Can Do To Achieve Work-Family Balance

Make a schedule

Creating a family schedule and organizing your tasks is the first step toward achieving work-family balance. It may seem trivial initially, but dividing your tasks and scheduling them at specific times and dates can help you get things done more efficiently. A schedule helps you get a better sense of what you need to do and gives the added pressure of deadlines so you can allot an appropriate amount of time for each task. Eventually, you can make a habit of doing tasks on a schedule, freeing up opportunities to spend time with your family.

Set priorities

Not all tasks are created equal, so set priorities! After creating a schedule, you can edit it according to which tasks you must prioritize. Focusing on tasks that are nearing their deadlines over ones that can be scheduled later sets a harmonious rhythm for your work. This way, you’d get more things done while never missing a deadline. As you work using this technique, you’ll eventually have more time to spend with your family.

Don’t take your work frustrations out on your family

The last thing you want to do is take out your work frustrations on your family. It’s unfair to them, and it may cause a rift in your relationship if you do this. While work can sometimes cause an unhealthy amount of stress, learning to separate your work life and your family life is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. If you’re feeling stressed at work, you can release stress by confiding in your loved ones, doing things you love, or getting some time off to relax and destress.

Spend time with your family

Spending time with your family may be what you need most, especially if you are having a stressful time at work. You should never be too busy to give time to your loved ones in your schedule. Get off work on time, or use your weekends to spend quality time with your parents, wife, and kids to strengthen your relationship and bond.

Try to have a family dinner every night or set days per week

A family dinner is an activity that can bring families closer together. While everyone in your family has different schedules, you should set a couple of days per week, if not every night, to come together for a family dinner. You can check up on what’s happening in their lives, talk about interesting events that happened lately, or bond by discussing a common interest you share with your loved ones.

Give your kids chores

It’s important to teach your kids responsibility from an early age. One thing you could do to teach them responsibility and time management is by giving your kids some chores they could do around the house. Start by assigning simple tasks, then gradually give them more complicated things to do as time goes on. Giving chores to your kids is beneficial for those involved since they are learning how to be responsible and do certain tasks while you get some extra help with housework.

Make time to help with homework

As a parent, you can spend time with your kids and be supportive at the same time by helping them with their homework. We want to emphasize help since it is vastly different from doing your kids’ homework yourself. If you do your kids’ homework for them, they won’t be able to understand their school lessons properly and may make them overly reliant on you (which is counterproductive for all involved). Make sure you’re not spending too much time helping them, find the balance. Instead, help your kids understand their lessons and guide them until they can answer their homework confidently by themselves.

Take part in your kids’ activities

As your kids grow older, it’s important to be a part of their lives by taking an interest in their interests and participating in activities they like to do. Not only would you strengthen your relationship with them, but you’ll also get to know them better. Some teens enter a rebellious phase where they prefer spending time with their peers than with their parents, so it’s better to spend as much time as you can with them. Remember, if your kids know that you are genuinely interested in their interests, you will have an easier time becoming a part of their lives.



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