How to Add Vintage Charm to a House?


Planning to add a vintage charm into your house? Trust us; the whole concept will look stunning and mesmerizing to see. Transitioning an ultra-modern house into an old vintage looking one, the entire job is the blend of facing challenges and experiencing excitement simultaneously.

So, do you want to bring a welcoming vibe into your home sweet home? If yes, you can check out the details of this post and see how a vintage charisma can be injected.

Giving you quick idea what do we exactly mean adding a vintage charm? It means bringing a vibe as if you are walking on a cobblestone road, sitting in an old boom store, putting on a hand-sewn quilt and reading handwritten recipe cards. Seeking reliable framing take-off list will give you an exact idea how much does it cost to refurbish a modern home into vintage styled one:

Adding a unique and most antique art collection

A vintage styled house is always surrounded with the most antique art collection. So, invest in the best art pieces. You must become an avid collector of art pieces if you genuinely want to bring a vintage vibe into your home.  It is recommended to check out the local antique stores, you never know, there you get some of the magical antique charm inspired pieces.

Furthermore, get in touch with contemporary painter, they can show you some of their mind blowing art pieces as well. In the category of art collection, you can create your own piece of art by framing old family photographs.

Incorporating wooden tools in the kitchen

Moving to the kitchen area, adding wooden tools in the kitchen seems to be the best decision. That is how you can bring an instant vintage charm into this respective space. The golden rule of thumb is to make subtle and very simple choices. Instead of opting for steel and plastic tools, you must prefer buying wooden tools. Grab copper or cast iron cookware. In addition, finalize a place into your kitchen where you will be growing herbs. Display the pantry items in classy looking shelves and large sized glass jars.

Infusing vintage styled wallpapers

Adding wallpapers have always been associated with modern styled homes. However, if you pick the subtle wallpapers, they will definitely add the most genuine vintage charm into your home.

Here selecting the right pattern remains a must. For example, you can opt for the deep navy color wallpaper which features foxes, bunnies or bees, foliage. Such a pattern will inject an aesthetic charm into your room and it will surely look antiquely finished.

Maximize the use of wood

You must maximize the use of wood! Here we are talking about covering walls and floors with wood. According to top notch architects, you can only transition your modern styled house to get a vintage charm if its every ceiling and wall is surrounded with a wood plank. In doing so, a nostalgic feel will be achieved and a lot of depth and character will surround your home. In addition, you can cover the ceilings with gypsum wallboards or opt for natural wood.

Prefer muted hues and earthy tones

Surrounding the house with muted hues and earthy tones-yes, that is another simple way to add a vintage charm. Your house will eventually get the most timeless look if you incorporate earthy tones. These kinds of colors blend in well with the house and do not overshadow any premise. Furthermore, prefer going for thinned paint coats on walls and ceilings. This practice gives a feel as if your walls and cabinetry are covered with weathered wood.

Buy Vintage-styled and 100% Authentic Lighting

How can we forget adding vintage-styled lighting? What you can do is to add electrified gas lanterns and repurposed antique lighting pieces. Buying authentic lighting will maintain vintage period into your home.

According to many lighting gurus, creating a customized lighting ambiance and adding antique looking fixtures remains absolutely a highlight. You can even buy a handcrafted reproduction fixture, that is not a bad idea at all!

Never and Ever Overlook Details

Lastly, never and ever overlook details. You can create an antique looking house if you give attention to detail to every corner. It is best to keep everything as antique as possible.

Like, you must add glass door knobs. They instantly add a vintage charm to the bathrooms. Grab the light fixtures which operate with old-fashioned pull-down chain. Invest in a refrigerator which comes with a well-crafted stained oak panel and vintage icebox hardware.


So, when you will start transitioning the modern look of your home into vintage one? Do let us know about your experience and the results you gained by following the above-mentioned tips. Overall, a vintage styled home looks absolutely inspiring, deep, rustic and calm. We are hopeful that these suggestions might have sparked some great ideas into your head. Adding a little detailing, character and vintage hint will do the job. Stay tuned!


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