How to Apply for a Business Auto Loan


There will come a time when your business needs to expand its work fleet. When it does, you’ll want to do your research to find the best options for making this happen.

Applying for a business auto loan is a fantastic option to keep up with demand.

What is a commercial vehicle? Who offers the best loan terms and agreements? How can you get one? Those questions, and more, answered in this short but sweet guide.

What is a Business Auto Loan?

A business auto loan, or commercial auto loan, is lent capital that goes toward work vehicles. The loan has set qualifications, requirements, and terms as expected. And, covers commercial vehicles meant for jobs done by the business and its employees.

Commercial truck financing is a great option for:

  • Operators with limited finances
  • Owners with low or bad credit
  • Businesses expanding their fleet

A business auto loan is similar but different from truck financing. What you’d call “big rig lending” is an auto loan but more-so a guaranteed semi truck financing. Alternatively, the truck loan may go toward company vehicles and rigs used on-site.

All you need to know is this: A business auto loan is like a personal loan… except it’s for business operations.

Types of Auto Loans for Businesses

The available financing depends on who you’re working with. The following provides an overview of what loans are available for vehicle needs:

  • Secured Auto Loans — You’ll take on a lien and use the vehicle as collateral until it’s paid off
  • Unsecured Auto Loans — The lender goes by your trustworthiness but may set tougher requirements and rates
  • Direct Financing — Institutions work with the company and auto dealer for financing
  • Private Financing — The business works with a private lender or financier where dealings are done 1-to1

There are many ways to finance business to which you could apply to vehicles. But, only auto loans offer the flexible rates you’re looking for if vehicles are the main needs.

Applying for a Business Auto Loan

It’s good to know what’s available before you start applying for auto loans. There are many options for those needing cash to expand their fleet and operations. Compare personal loans, lines of credit, fundraising, and others before locking down a loan.

That said… here is what you’d do to get business auto / commercial truck financing:

1. Gather Your Documentation

You’ll deliver these things to the lender when applying for the loan:

Gather everything ownership and finance-related from your accountant. Else, request the documents through whatever accounting and business document tool you’re using.

2. Meet the Requirements

Each lender has set requirements for applicants — which could be:

  • Having been in operation for X number of years
  • Show Y amount of capital and expenses

The lender is looking for a trustworthy business much like they do with personal clients. Check with several lenders to find the one offering the best requirements. Else, consider auto loan alternatives or scale back your commercial vehicle needs.

3. Agree to the Terms

Compare and contrast the auto loan terms:

  • Length of the repayment agreement
  • Down payment and/or collateral
  • Interest rates

Check with the SBA, local lenders, and online lenders. Your due diligence could save your business thousands over the life of the loan. Then, once everything looks great — sign the papers!

You’ve Got to Spend Money to Make Money

It takes a good chunk of money to keep those business doors open. Expanding and maintaining your business fleet is one such expense. Explore a business auto loan when the time comes, and keep up with the market demands.

What else can you do to grow a business? Dig around the site and find topics that spark your creativity and imagination!

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