How to Ask Good Questions in Psychic Readings

So, you want to book a reading with a psychic. That’s great! Maybe you have something on your mind that inspired you to seek spiritual advice. That’s often why people consult with psychics. But although you know that you want to find out more about your love life, career, physical health, or spiritual self, you may not specifically know how to go about this during your session. Relax! You have enough on your mind right now. Just read through this handy list of tips on the best way to ask questions during a psychic reading. But before we think about which questions you should ask, let’s consider how you should and should not phrase those questions.


• Don’t ask questions that can only be answered by a simple “yes” or “no.” This will not help you settle your issues.

• Don’t get overly specific. A psychic reader can’t know if a specific event or a series of events will occur. Many things can alter moments, times, dates, and places—even the reading itself!

• Don’t be tempted to paraphrase and repeat a question if you were not satisfied with the first answer. Have faith that your psychic reader will give you the best information he or she is capable of giving and has your best interests at heart.


• Ask open-ended questions. This gives the psychic the flexibility to explain more thoroughly if necessary and to give specific advice related to your unique circumstance. Allow the psychic some leeway to add relevant and helpful details.

• Prepare questions with a positive spirit rather than a negative attitude. You can have a profound effect on the energy of your reading, and not necessarily in a good way.

What to Ask During Your Psychic Reading

Here are some popular questions that psychics are asked. They’re arranged by topic, and already phrased correctly!

General Questions

What are you able to share with me about…

• fulfilling my purpose in life?

• my friendships?

• the place I want to move to?

• my past lives?

• what my pet thinks and feels?

• the necessary steps to take to meet my goals?

• what my life will be like at (a specific time)?

Love and Romance

• How can I grow closer to my partner?

• What do you know about my current romantic relationship?

• What’s preventing me from finding true love?

• Where will I be most likely to find love?

• What can I do to avoid divorce?

• How would I know if divorce is inevitable?

Family Life

How can I…

• develop closer, healthier relationships with my children?

• achieve balance in my relationships with my spouse and children?

• care for myself without feeling as though I’m neglecting my family?

• maintain healthy relationships with my in-laws?

• purify the energy in my home?

• draw my family closer?


• How can I advance my career?

• What would improve my financial future?

• What steps should I take to earn a promotion?

• How can I request a pay increase?

• How can I have better relationships with my colleagues?

When You’re Confused About What to Ask

Maybe you’ve reached a crossroads in life, or you just have too much going on inside your head to even consider making a list of questions to ask a psychic. This isn’t a problem! In cases like this, it’s still advisable to book a psychic reading. A general reading can provide guidance about your life in areas where you feel confused, afraid, anxious, or puzzled.

Always be honest with your psychic reader and explain if you’re going through a difficult time. Readings can be disrupted by negative energy, but only if you don’t establish a mutual understanding that it’s being generated by your current stage in life. Being open with your psychic will allow you to receive clear and helpful guidance regarding the next step you should take on your life path.