How to Attach Dishwasher to Quartz Countertops


Quartz is among the best countertop material to use in the kitchen. But if you handle it improperly, it can cause damage and risk cracking the quartz. So, how to attach dishwasher to quartz countertop is a puzzle that this article will unravel.

Don’t risk your eye-catching kitchen countertop, try installing a dishwasher to any countertop with some considerations. Keep in mind the method may vary depending on the dishwasher’s size, countertops length and layout.

Hence, if you want to install a dishwasher to your Quartz or any other Countertops, this procedure will keep the dishwasher secure and the countertop safe!

Steps to attach dishwasher to quartz countertops

Before starting the process of installation, you should have:

  • Hardware kit
  • Table or portable saw
  • Plywood strips
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Drill machine
  • Adhesive glue, and more

Make sure the size of the dishwasher is appropriate as per the space beneath. If you are not sure, measure the dishwasher’s length, height, and width. But don’t forget to leave some inches of space at the back for the electric hooks and plumbing.

Once you are sure about everything, hook up all of the drain pipes and the air gap to ensure that everything is attached properly. Besides, join the drain hose to the sink using the trash dumping or a P-trap.

Next, attach the water pipes and drill holes into the cabinet as required. Ensure the water valve is reachable and the power cord is easily reaching the socket on the wall.

Now it’s time to move on to the next steps of how to attach dishwasher to quartz countertop.

Step 1: Prepare the countertop

First, organize the countertop bottom by cleaning it with a multipurpose cleaner and let it dry completely. Once it is dry, move on to the second step.

Step 2: Locate the faceplate and Brackets

When installing the dishwasher, recognize the faceplates and bracket location to regulate where they will be attached. Generally, brackets are on the dishwasher’s front edges, but sometimes they might be located near the side. So don’t forget to check and make sure brackets should have 2 holes.

If the dishwashers have mounting brackets located behind the lid’s faceplate, first remove the faceplate to access them. For this you can use a small pry bar or a flathead screwdriver.

Next, attach the mounting brackets to the dishwasher and make sure you don’t screw them too tightly. There are chances you might require removing them if the early fitting of the plywood is fitted strongly.

Step 3: Place the dishwasher in position

Now adjust the dishwasher base to safeguard that it will be appropriate for the counter height. As we mentioned above, don’t forget to leave a couple of inches (3 to 4) between the bottom of the counter and its top.

You can also set the dishwasher on the base so that it can rest directly on the floor. Then reconnect the electrical cord, drain hose, and water pipe. Hence, this makes the dishwasher secure from tilting and possibly causing more damage.

Step 4: Cut the plywood

Caesarstone Quartz is a sturdy option and is available in a different color to match the kitchen’s elaborate design and pattern. You can also buy quartz in various thicknesses, which will also protect your countertop. But before that, make sure your countertop has plywood brackets underneath.

If there is no plywood backing, take two pieces of plywood and cut them to fit the top edges and width of the dishwasher. Besides, ensure that the plywood is at least three-quarters of an inch thick and wide enough to fit over the entire surface.

Usually, the stone has an edge constructed to hide the plywood from view. All you need to do is look out below if your countertop is right or not.

This is a chance that you can take advantage of when fitting your dishwasher below the quartz countertop. Also, do not use a screwdriver directly on the stone, instead bite the screw on the plywood brackets.

Step 5: Apply adhesive

Now take the glue/cement to apply on the top of the plywood pieces and the bottom of the quartz countertop. Don’t rush, just ensure that the plywood is accurately placed from every side.

Your work doesn’t end here! Want to understand how to secure dishwasher to quartz countertop? After applying the plywood, hold the place for 2 minutes and leave it for 12 hours if you prefer.

Step 6: Attach the dishwasher

When the glue dries, remove the items you used to hold it in place. Then put the dishwasher in place but when you slide the dishwasher back keep some distance between the plywood slabs and the cabinets.

Once you get the perfect fit, remove the dishwasher, then take a 1/2-inch screw, secure it to the plywood blocks, and mount it to the dishwasher using the brackets. Hence, this process will protect the dishwasher and the quartz countertop.

Closing words

Quartz is one of the major engineered stones used for constructing kitchen countertops or cabinets. It is extremely hard and looks very elegant which elevates the overall appearance of the space. Hence, the demand for Quartz is increasing significantly in commercial and residential places because of its non-porous nature. However, since this is a natural stone, it is best not to screw it in directly when installing a dishwasher. It can damage the stone like cracking or breaking.

So, the best option is to consider mixing mounting brackets on the side or top of the dishwasher. You can also use an adhesive countertop bottom to anchor the dishwasher.

If you want to attach a dishwasher to an engineered stone surface, you can follow the steps mentioned above to attach a dishwasher under the quartz countertop securely. Also, before starting this project, it is important to figure out what type of mount your dishwasher has.

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