How to Attract New Players to Your Betting Platform?

The betting industry has been thriving primarily because gambling is one of the favorite leisure activities people engage in to relax, spend money, and, hopefully, make some bucks online. That’s the easy part. However, it gets tricky as a bookie when establishing a business in one of the most competitive industries in the world. Launching a betting platform is incredibly easy, but how does one get punters to visit the site and place bets on the games offered there?

Bookies are constantly vying with each other, falling over themselves to give their customers the best offers and draw new players to their platforms. The high level of competitiveness is precisely why the global sportsbook industry is thriving and getting high valuations year in and year out. One of the difference makers between failure and success in any business is attracting new customers. Patronage is the sustenance of any business; without it, the business can start its countdown to the day its doors will close permanently.

That being said, how does a betting platform get new customers?

Bookmaker Agent System

This is the digital age, and gone are the days when businesses have to make physical or manual efforts to get certain things done. These days, leading betting platforms rely on high-quality bookmaker agent software to get the job done. So what is this software? This agent system has a simple purpose: to help betting businesses build a multi-level agent network. This marketing agent system will drive traffic to your site, which will result in higher patronage and more profits for the betting platform.

The Benefits of Bookmaker Agent System for Sportsbook Platforms

As a top gaming provider and agent marketing software, there are numerous benefits that betting platforms can gain from it. Some of these benefits include:

1.     Sophisticated Dashboard for the Betting Platform:

Many things happen here, including the generation of high-quality revenue sheets or income statements, a highly efficient ticket system that enhances the seamlessness of customer service and support, the generation of withdrawal reports for different kinds of users, and the generation of sportsbook reports containing real-time statistics.

This software is optimized for different kinds of devices: tablets, PCs, mobile phones, etc. It’s also compatible across various platforms.

2.     Payouts of Commissions:

The software facilitates the payment of commissions to both agents and sub-agents using the Global Gross Revenue payment model. The commission they earn is a specified percentage of the customers’ bets after their winnings have been withheld from the account. One can withdraw these commissions once the software credits the funds to their personal account.

3.     Generation of custom date reports

Betting platforms receive notifications about growth indicators for the business. The bookies can view financial reports, which gives them insight into the cash flow of the business. It also helps them manage or cut down on expenses.

Aside from agents, this software also facilitates top-ups and commissions for players that are part of the agent network. A multi-level agent network is a Software On A Service system. The operator customizes the agent system so they can configure it to their taste. For instance, they can decide to whom they want to show certain things. Depending on the person, they can provide or cut off access to valuable data, such as real-time reports and statistics.

Either way, operators are in total control of this system, and this increases the feeling of security from the operator’s point of view.

4.     Overseeing Access to Bets:

Operators can oversee their agents’ access to bets via the system settings. The software has been designed to differentiate between casino platforms and sports betting platforms.

  1. User-Friendly Interface:

The bookmaker agent system provides a very friendly user interface, making it incredibly easy for first-time users (players, agents, sub-agents, and even operators) to navigate the site. This makes it very easy to attract new players to the betting platform on its own.

6.     Speedy Delivery:

The system has been designed and optimized for speed. So there’s no case of lags in network access, which enhances the seamlessness of any process or transaction on the agent system. Finally, operators can get a fully-functioning agent system within 48 hours.