How to avoid a bad VoIP service provider?


Switching your traditional phone service to VoIP is a wise decision for both individuals and business owners. However, a diligent and reliable VoIP provider is hard to find among a range of companies offering VoIP services.

While choosing a trusted VoIP service provider, whether big or small, some people cannot tell the difference between a good one or a bad one.

Before you plug in your phones, you need to consider a few things to single out the bad provider and avoid it. So, this article is going to help you identify some issues to spot a non-reliable VoIP provider before you waste time regretting your decision.

1. The VoIP Contract Makes It Harder for you to Switch

Most service providers lock you via service contract by including particular conditions. Even though many VoIP services do not necessarily require you to sign a contract, signing a contract can make things wrong for your business in many ways.

Especially, if the VoIP provider forces you to buy their equipment and pay the activation fee along with shipping costs, the service can be too expensive. Some VoIP providers can put you in a bad situation by demanding a heavy fee for terminating their services.

That means you should always read your contract file with your eyes wide open and save yourself from unnecessary fines. Before you decide to subscribe to the service, make sure you have to pay no extra charges or penalties if you ever decide to leave.

2. You are Constantly Complaining about Wrong Claims on the Website

A trusted VoIP service provider must offer everything they mention on their website. If you feel that the provider’s website is full of errors and false claims, then it means your provider doesn’t care about the promises they made.

Moreover, a sloppy website or a messy blog means they don’t have an eye for detail. That implies that the service provider is not bothered about your success and want quick bucks.

3. Red Signal: Not Confident About Their Services

Some service providers are desperate to sell substandard or poor services. For example, some service providers can swear that their services are the lowest-price in every situation, and you can get the best deal no matter what.

Watch out for the red signal if a service provider is repeatedly lowering its prices and ready to negotiate with you at any cost. This reflects that such providers are not even sure of their service quality and capabilities. Hence, if a service provider is not confident about their own services, then how can a customer be?

There is no point in getting stuck with a VoIP provider who is consistently providing lower prices to get a handful of subscribers.

4. Inadequate Quality and Equipment

Prioritizing VoIP services over a landline means taking a risk on their unsophisticated equipment. For instance, due to unreliable servers and network infrastructure, you may experience severe call quality issues and voice delays.

Your VoIP provider must also follow ISO 27001 and 27002 standards to provide you better encryption of voice content. That will prevent you from security problems, especially, if you transmit sensitive data.

Moreover, many businesses use the same internet connection for both browsing and voice calls; call quality could suffer if they do not upgrade their equipment. Therefore, the quality of VoIP service depends on the quality of both the service provider’s and customer’s equipment.

5. Negative Social Media Feedback

It is vital to know what is said about the VoIP service provider over social media. If you type the company name on Google or social media, it may help you to stay on top of any negative comments or customer feedback related to their services.

That way, you can appropriately investigate the company before buying their services.

What to look for in a VoIP service provider?

If you have chosen to upgrade to a VoIP service instead of relying on your traditional phone, upgrading to an unreliable VoIP service can be an outright disadvantage.

We have discussed some of the important factors to help you carefully select the best VoIP provider. Many different VoIP service providers claim to offer impeccable VoIP services and excellent voice quality.

If you are a novice VoIP user, you might not be sure what to look for in your upgrade. Here’s what you should expect from a VoIP service provider:

  • The best VoIP service offers you the highest voice quality. Everything else comes next.
  • Reliability in the service is another important factor. That means you seamlessly remain connected to your employees working far away from your main office. To help this, the best VoIP service providers offer features like low bandwidth codecs (to ensure the voice quality doesn’t suffer if your internet speeds are slow), or the option to transfer your VoIP calls to your cell phone if there’s a power outage.
  • Competitive pricing is also important. No one likes paying a thick premium for the extra features.
  • With a high-quality service provider, expect a range of features not offered by similar companies.
  • Impeccable customer care and all-around-the-clock support.

What’s our recommendation then?

Most business owners know the benefits of VoIP services such as cost-effectiveness and saving time. With its multitude of features and economical packages, we recommend Axvoice.

Here’s why.

Axvoice is not one of the leading service providers, but it has a solid reputation amongst its peers. For one, it doesn’t have a hefty user base, which is a blessing in disguise. Smaller businesses offer better after-sales since they don’t have too many customers to cater to. Second, more users mean pushing the VoIP infrastructure to its limits, which could adversely affect the service.

The best-rated VoIP service provider has a trained staff that has the best knowledge and technical know-how of their service. The company does not brag about an “out-of-this-world” service. Instead, they show genuine interest in customers’ concerns.

Not only all subscribers can enjoy unlimited calling, but also offers more than 30 useful features at a desirable price.

  • Block caller ID: The feature allows you to hide or block the caller ID so that other people cannot see or recognize your business phone.
  • Three-Way Calling: This allows you to make a conference call with more than two partners.
  • Music on Hold: This allows your callers to remain on call without making waiting dead boring.
  • International Call Blocking: Blocks all calls outside the US and Canada to save you money.

In addition to these features, subscribers also enjoy:

  • 7,10, or 11-digit phone numbers
  • Alternate caller ID
  • An ability to use low bandwidth codecs
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Filter
  • And much more


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