How To Be Artistic In The Kitchen


Cooking doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be a lot of fun; most of the time, cooking is precisely what you make it. If you go into the kitchen with the idea that you’re not going to enjoy what you’re doing, you probably won’t. If, however, you go in with the idea that you’re going to have fun, this is likely to be what happens. One way to achieve this is to be as artistic as you can when you’re making food. Here are some ways you can do that and have fun no matter what you’re making.

Think About Presentation

Although it’s the cooking of the dish that you’ll think about first in most cases, it’s the presentation that is where you can really be as artistic as you want to be. Think carefully about the type of dish you’ll serve the food on (including the color), the way it should look, and even what extra elements like garnishes you want to use.

When you present your dish beautifully, you can make even the simplest of dishes look exceptional and you can really let your artistic side shine. Plus, since we eat with all of our senses and not just our sense of taste, if a dish looks good, it will often be much more appreciated as well, which makes presenting your food nicely an even better idea.

Do A Lot Of Baking

It isn’t always easy to think of interesting ways to present food or ways to let your artistic side show through when you’re making a standard meal, especially if you’re cooking something quick with very few ingredients. If that’s the case, why not try being artistic with baking instead?

Baking is the ideal way to be artistic in the kitchen because of how you can decorate your baked goods. Even if everything you make tastes the same, you can make it all look a lot different just by purchasing Satin Ice edible paint sets and making them all a different color. You can make designs, pictures, or even make cakes in the shapes of other things – illusion cakes take a lot of hard work, but they’re amazing when you get it right.

Make It Up

Following a recipe is a good start if you’re not overly confident in the kitchen, and it’s often essential when you’re baking because that is all about science and how different ingredient react to one another. However, as time goes on, you might decide that you want to create your own recipes and essentially make it up as you go along.

As we’ve said, this is not ideal for baking, but for cooking that’s another story entirely. It’s great to experiment with flavors, and you can be as creative and artistic as you want to be. Some people will go to the supermarket and only buy ingredients that are on offer, for example. They’ll then create a new dish from them. This can save on food waste, especially if you use leftovers to make new meals.

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