How to be happy when you are alone?


How often do you feel lonely? How do you fling dating website and start living happily? It’s a feeling you get when you miss someone for some reason. It’s accepted to think that everyone must feel lonely when left alone. Well, the feeling of being alone is very real. I’m not going to argue with that. But this text is not for everyone who takes everything literally. It is addressed to those who think more broadly. Mass culture imposes the stereotype that loneliness is a punishment. If you are lonely, get better, or you will die needlessly.

You need to find a spouse have a child. The sooner, the better. And if your age is over twenty-five and you don’t have a life partner – there’s something wrong with you. You need to urgently go to a psychologist, or better yet – to grandmothers, healers, and fortune-tellers. How to love loneliness and be happy, is it possible, consider this article.

“Loneliness” is fiction. It is possible to be lonely and happy.

The truth is that you don’t have to feel lonely at all. That’s why I argue that “loneliness” is fiction. It’s a lie made up by people. Here are some of its variations:

  • everyone should have 500 friends;
  • only losers don’t have steam;
  • divorce means that life is a failure;
  • lonely life is for lunatics.

Loneliness becomes a problem when we begin to believe in it. In that case, it robs us of our mental well-being. But honestly, you are never alone. You always have company: yourself. Which means you can be alone with yourself without being lonely.

Some people just can’t believe it’s possible to be happy. They say, “Yeah, but my wife left me. I’m lonely.” Well, I’ve managed to change my way of thinking, but I can’t do it for you. You’re perfectly capable of being content with life, no matter what’s going on in it. You just have to be open to it. Is that hard for you to do? That’s all right. I assure you it works. Just try it when you’re ready.

How to love loneliness and be happy – a few tips:

Change your attitude

If you’re wondering how to love loneliness and be happy, you’ve probably been lonely for quite some time. Stop beating yourself up for your own invented “uselessness” and inferiority.

Change your attitude towards the events.

So many men and women dream of taking their time. And you are free. New doors are open; you can do anything you want without looking back at the partner’s mood. You are not left behind, and you are free.

Stop being lonely.

This point follows smoothly from the previous one. How do you love loneliness and become happy? So just accept that most of you are not alone and have not yet found a permanent relationship. There are, after all, friends, colleagues, parents, other relatives. Many people surround you, but you feel alone because of the constant craving for what you do not have yet.

Live in the now.

So, how do you love loneliness? The joy of the present moment is the answer to how to love loneliness and become happy. What gives you joy? When you want to sing, sing, dance. When you are energetically fulfilled content, you will become happy.

Loneliness is a resource.

Loneliness is the most valuable thing a person can have. Don’t just exist waiting for someone to save you, but spend time with the benefit of yourself, analyze what you want, and fundamentally change your way of life.

Maybe you suddenly want to go on a trip around the world or move to another country. Alone it will be much easier than in a couple, because the other person may not share your views.

Love yourself

This is another answer to how to love loneliness and become happy. Learn to live with yourself. Read interesting books, visit exhibitions, go to the movies, make acquaintances, and develop.

These acquaintances do not have to be romantic. Surround yourself with interesting people. Look only for good in yourself, notice your beautiful eyes or athletic figure, savor the little joys and victories.

Maybe you’ll completely unexpectedly radically change your clothing style or appearance.

Invest in yourself.

You are the most precious thing in the world. You are the person closest to you. Accept this. All of your investments in yourself are sure to pay off over time. This can be lessons in English, gymnastics or sports in general. Expand the range of your interests and perception of the world. Do not lock yourself in your apartment or on the Internet. It’s just your life, and you decide what it will become.

Change the internal dialogue.

How to love solitude and be happy? Stop and listen to what your brain is saying. Does it often call you a loser or a freak? Trace your beliefs, find the ones that hurt you, make you sad, and replace them with the opposite. The right thoughts are the key to future success, including love relationships.



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