How to Beat A Urine Drug Test With Flying Colors

If you’re someone who’s about to start a new job, it’s almost a given that a drug test will be done on you before you begin. Sometimes these tests are carried out while you’ve been in a job for a while too. It can be done at any time. So is there a way to tackle these urine tests without a trace of whichever drug or alcohol you have ingested? The answer is yes, there is! Of course, the best advice we can give is to try your best not to do drugs or drink to begin with, this is the most sure shot way to avoid drama after taking a urine test!

But just in case you’re caught up in a situation, these are a couple of things you can keep in mind before next urine drug test.


If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve just discovered that you’re going to have a urine test and you don’t have enough time to flush that alcohol out of your system, going for fake pee is probably the most sure shot way to deal with it. It’s as easy and accessible as just a click away. According to, the synthetic pee should have specifically balanced PH and gravity to surely get your 100% passing rate. Guaranteed to pass screening with flying colors, many are now using this method. You can either get synthetic pee in powder or liquid form and the delivery shouldn’t take too much time. The only thing with this method, you’ll need at least a day or two to give time for the delivery. But keep in mind you must thoughtfully consider for what reasons you are going to use this for to be on the legal side of things.  You can also check out a guide to synthetic urine.


These days there are quite a few detox drinks and pills available that you can take before the test, they should be able to do the trick and help you pass the urine test without any issues. Make sure you also drink plenty of water with the detox drinks.


This may not be something that you would think about, but staying active regularly and exercising a lot speeds up the process of the toxins being released from your body, mostly through sweat. You may like to have a drink or indulge in drugs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t balance it out with a healthy lifestyle too. By eating well and having a lot of liquids and healthy food as well as exercise as a part of your daily routine, the chances are, you’ll be able to sweat it and pee it all out before it’s time for the test and be sure to follow these step by step instructions.

One Step Ahead

It’s important for you to be aware and as responsible as you can be if you are going to be doing drugs or having alcohol while keeping a job, because they can spring up the urine drug test on you at any given time. Make sure that you keep the powdered or synthetic pee on you just in case of emergencies, and try your best to detox as much as you can, balancing out with a healthy lifestyle so that not only will you pass the urine test, but you may not feel as bad the next day after partying!