How to Become a Better Christian in the New Year


New Year’s is rarely another day for anyone. Indeed, everyone looks at the turn of the year as a reason to celebrate. Many people vow to better themselves in more ways than one.

A few individuals will ensure to vow to become a better person by conducting exercises, reading new books, or practicing other fantastic habits.

But did you know that you can start the new year by pledging to become a better Christian in the new year? The great aspect of becoming a better Christian is that it can encompass many different activities and new behaviors that can improve your life and those around you.

From visiting Christian Churches Seattle believers may tend to frequent, to taking on other activities, becoming a better Christian is quite a challenge but very worthwhile.

At the same time, these changes can help you draw nearer to Christ.

Here are a few ways to become a better Christian in the new year.

Asses The Previous 365 Days

The first step in this journey is to ensure to take a deep look at the previous year. Search inside yourself and find out what went wrong. Find what factors caused you to stumble in your Christian journey and how you can set up the right plan and programs to live in accordance with Christian principles in the new year.

It certainly will not be easy looking at the past 365 days. Remember that this soul searching of the previous year will require you to be aware of the choices you made and why you made those decisions.

You must ensure that you conduct a thorough examination of yourself. It may be a great idea to write down what you were proud of in your Christian journey last year in addition to what you could have done better to get closer to Christ.

The next few questions should revolve around how can you set better goals to refine yourself as a Christian in the new year? How can you do so in a healthy way? How can you avoid previous mistakes in a successful manner?

Regardless of your conclusions on the past year, remember that you can continue to be on the righteous path if you can look toward the Lord for his guidance and bountiful mercy.

Engage In Prayer

What is fantastic about the new year is that it is a great time to start fresh. Our minds are full of gratitude, joy, excitement, and overall anticipation as we step into the new year.

We can lead our old selves behind and find refreshment in Jesus Christ through prayer and supplication. One of the most powerful segments of our day is the time we spend in prayer. Regular times of sweet, genuine prayer can work wonders in our minds and provide sustenance and grace to fight the battles that may come our way.

It is indeed through prayer that the Lord works.

Let the Lord work in your heart and soul as you make it a point to pray each and every single day.

Express Gratitude Each Morning

A straightforward way to improve your walk with Christ in the new year is to express gratitude every single morning. It is hard to be anxious, nervous, or even angry if you wake up and set a tone of gratefulness. You can strongly start your morning by taking a few deep breaths, thinking about everything you have to be thankful for, and sending thankful prayers to Christ each day for a new day to follow him and do good in the world.

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