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There will come a time when we would want to redesign the interiors of our home to update the walls, floors, and basic decor around different rooms. Such a task can be a lot for any homeowner to undertake, and to quell how overwhelming a complete redesign can be, many opt to hire an interior designer. An interior designer works similarly to an architectural designer, who works to better your home using their experience, education, and general expertise. While an interior designer can be incredibly helpful for homeowners who don’t know where to begin in the remodelling process, the prospective price can be a bit daunting.

Learn more about the cost of an interior designer, the factors that will depend on the total price, and the other various fees you should consider before hiring a professional to help remodel your precious abode.

Price Range

The interior designer can cost as low as $50 per hour and as much as $200 per hour. It is even possible the architectural designers would charge per room. Besides, there could be some rooms you would prefer not to be touched.


Experienced interior and architectural designers can demand more pay based on their experience. When hiring a more experienced interior designer, it can be a given that you will get your money’s worth with them as they’ve worked in the industry for quite a while. We all know there are plenty of things only experience can achieve, and you can rely on experienced architectural designers to do a great job on your home’s basic design. You will eventually notice there won’t be many revisions, saving you time.

Size Matters

The size of the place will significantly impact the price you will pay for the interior designer. For example, designing a considerable building will be much more expensive compared to designing a small townhouse or apartment. You will probably save more if you can design your own place compared to hiring an interior designer if you own a home with many rooms. Hence, you must think twice about whether or not you will redesign some portions of your place as some parts of it can remain untouched.

Desired Outcome

The overall look you are aiming for will have a considerable impact on the amount you’re going to spend on an interior designer. Because of this, you must set a realistic budget because what you want could be far from what you can afford. If you have a big budget, you will not have a problem with the amount you will spend on the project and can aim to achieve exactly what you want with your interior designer. If the desired result of this remodelling requires high-quality appliances and furniture, you can expect this to raise the value of the remodel. If your budget can extend to a minimal amount, you might not get the desired outcome you picture in your mind, but a professional interior designer will still be able to transform your home.


Freelancers are typically cheaper since they don’t have to pay office rent and other taxes. Freelancers could charge as much as $2000 and as low as $600 for an eight-hour shift. That does not mean they will be finished with it in eight hours, as the remodelling process could take a long time. They know they don’t want to stress themselves too much, meaning they would not want to work on a project for more than eight hours per day.

Various Fees

A retainer fee means you will need to make a down payment and assure the architectural designers that you mean business. This type of fee transfer will ensure that neither you nor your interior designer won’t waste too much time on payment collections. A management fee pertains to the fee the interior designer gets when a construction company is involved in the construction of the new house. While it is also possible to let the architectural designers work for you on a design-only basis, it can only be worked both ways.

A design fee is reserved for bigger jobs, so the designer thinks she should charge a lot more. Often, the architectural designers would include the design fee in the total prices that you will need to pay them, so this is something that you need to confirm with them.



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