How To Boost And Strengthen Immunity?


Immunity is the ability of the human body to protect itself from the adverse effects of the environment: frost, wind, polluted air, stress, lack of sleep, malnutrition, and so on. It protects against fatigue, malaise and illness at the most inopportune moment.

Thus, it is very important to take care of your immune system and find ways to strengthen it. There are many ways to boost immunity. But which of them are the most effective: vitamins, drugs or folk remedies? Let’s find out in this article. And if you are looking for a high-quality tea strainer, we recommend you buy Tea Ceremony Ritual.

What To Do To Improve Immunity?

Here are the things that might help you in boosting your immunity.

1. Proper Nutrition

Junk food, which contains excessive preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, baking powder, and sugar, destroys the immune system. The frequent consumption of fried, smoked, and canned foods lead to a decrease in the body’s resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

To boost immunity without any medication, make changes to your daily diet. Eliminate junk food, do not go to fast-food restaurants, and do not skip meals. Eat-in right measures, which is, do not overeat or under eat. Add more vegetables, fruits, and seafood to the diet and exclude fatty meat. You can replace it with lean varieties (chicken, rabbit, turkey, veal, beef).

2. Take Healthy Drinks

Green tea and tea with freshly squeezed lemon are excellent drinks for boosting immunity. Thus, members of the family who live together like spouses must make a habit of drinking such tea daily. Apart from adding healthy drinks to your diet, also stay away from toxic ones, e.g., alcohol.

Excess consumption of alcoholic beverages seriously damages your immune system, making you prone to diseases. Thus, it is important to quit this habit for staying healthy. And if you and your partner both are struggling with addiction, you can fight it together too.

There are rehabs for couples that provide treatment along with counseling sessions to help couples win the battle against addiction. We are hopeful that such treatment will be extremely beneficial for you and help to boost your immunity.

3. Take Vitamins

A deficiency of vitamins and microelements leads to a weakening of the body’s defenses. If you feel any kind of malfunction in the body, you may be lacking certain vitamins. For example, if your eyesight has deteriorated, you should make up for the lack of vitamin A.

Vitamin A is present in carrots, liver, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, broccoli, and sea kale. To strengthen the nervous system, prevent yourself from stress, and therefore increase immunity, it is worth taking B vitamins. In addition, B vitamins help produce antibodies, destroy viruses and cancer cells, purify the blood, and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Vitamin B9, or folic acid, is very important for the normal functioning of the bone marrow. And since the bone marrow produces cells of the immune system, B9 is the key to strong immunity and healthy life. Folic acid is present in nuts, liver, beans, spinach, whole meal flour, eggs, and broccoli.

4. Fight Stress

To increase immunity, it is important to learn how to resist stress. Stress and constant nervous tension reduce the body’s defenses, provoke colds, headaches, mental disorders, and can even lead to cancer. Remember that your health and peace of mind are above all work problems. Coming home after a hard day’s work, lie down on the sofa and think positively.

You can take a warm bath with soothing essential oils (for example, lavender, jasmine, or chamomile) and turn on music. Give yourself more time, go shopping and beauty salons, do your hobbies, and meet friends. Get enough sleep; sleep is very important for recovery. Don’t let stress defeat your immune system.

5.  Spend Active Lifestyle

To quickly improve immunity, various physical exercises, long walks in the fresh air, hiking in the mountains or forest are useful. Do not forget to take a break at work; try to take a walk around the office for at least 5-10 minutes during the break. Sign up for a gym, dancing, swimming, aerobics, or any other form of physical activity.

If the gym is not affordable, then you can run on the streets of the city or the stadium and do exercises at home. After exercise, take a contrast shower, then vigorously rub the body with a rough towel. The shower will help to boost your immunity.

6. Simple Folk Remedies

Some effective ways to strengthen immunity have been brought to us not only by science but also by thousands of years of folk experience. How do you increase the body’s immunity with folk remedies? Here are some useful remedies:

Vitamin Compote

Mix one tablespoon each of willow herb, mint, lemon, and chestnut flowers. Pour the mixture with a liter of boiling water and boil for several minutes over low heat. Then filter the healing drink and add the fragrant berry to it. It is better not to add sugar to keep this drink healthy. Cherry, currant, viburnum, raspberry, or strawberry can be the basis of berry compote. Drink several cups of berry-herbal compote per day.

Onion-Honey Mixture

Although the taste of this folk remedy is not the best, you can drink it as prevention against colds and other diseases. Finely chop 2-3 large onions and mix with 150-200 g of sugar, add half a liter of water, and cook over low heat for 1.5 hours. Let the broth brew, strain it, and add two tablespoons of honey. Stir, strain again and pour into a jar or bottle. You can have several tablespoons of this mixture daily.

 Honey Herbal Remedy

Melt 600 g of honey in a water bath, mix with 300 g of soft butter, also add ground dry rose hips. Stir the ingredients long and thoroughly with a spoon. To prevent colds, flu or SARS, take a teaspoon of this mixture several times a day. If you are unfortunately ill, take the mixture every hour. With regular use, you will notice a significant improvement in your health.

We mentioned some useful ways that will help to boost your immunity and keep you healthy. Use these effective methods and notice the changes yourself.



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