How to Buy Litecoin and Use It on a Gaming Site

Today, cryptocurrency is spread all over the world. Most companies and websites have already adapted to cryptocurrency payments. Casinos also do not stand aside and follow trends. That is why casino lovers can pay in gambling establishments not only with real money but also with Litecoin. If you want to maintain anonymity and make secure transactions, Litecoin payment is a great choice for you. What is best, paying with cryptocurrency is just as easy as regular transactions.

How to Use Litecoin?

Litecoin is one of the leading currencies on the cryptocurrency market. The coin repeated the success of Bitcoin and is now widely used by many people. It can be assumed that Litecoin is on par with Bitcoin in terms of popularity. If you have never used Litecoin, our guide will be useful for you. We will explain how to buy and start playing on the Litecoin gambling site step-by-step.

1. Open and Verify Litecoin Wallet

If you have used cryptocurrency before, you should know how to create a cryptocurrency wallet. If you don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet set up yet, you need to choose one of the available wallets. Look through the most popular and safest cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Jaxx
  • Webmoney
  • Coinbase
  • Mobi
  • Stash
  • Bitterex
  • Coinomi

Regardless of the wallet you choose, the principle of work is the same. You can register through a Google account to open a Litecoin wallet. You must pass basic verification to use the Litecoin wallet.

2. Make the First Purchase

Once you’ve installed your wallet, it’s time to add some Litecoins. First, you need to find the cashier section and go to the currency selection; in your case, you need to choose Litecoin. Once you’ve decided on a currency, you’ll see the price per coin in your chosen currency. You will be able to see the price in dollars and euros. Do not forget that the price of Litecoin is constantly changing depending on the exchange rate. You need to choose the number of coins you want to buy and complete the transaction online. Some wallets may limit the number of coins you can purchase per day.

3. Start Playing

After you’ve replenished your wallet, it’s time to make a Litecoin bet. To do this, you first need to find a gambling site where you can use Litecoin. Next, you need to top up your gaming wallet, that is, connect your gaming account with your Litecoin wallet. You need to go to the cashier section where you can connect the account. You can make transactions using the regular system, just as you would with a credit card. Next, you can start betting with Litecoin.

Why do People Choose to Pay with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency payment is a good improvement in many ways. You can enjoy the following benefits by paying with Litecoin:

  • Bonuses: websites where LTC payment is available actively encourage users to make their bets with Litecoin. It is more profitable for casino platforms to accept payment in cryptocurrency. Therefore, casinos offer more bonuses for users who have a Litecoin wallet.
  • Lower fees: Some casino websites charge deposit and withdrawal fees, while some do not. However, in any case, paying with Litecoin provides lower fees.
  • Security: Litecoin provides users with anonymity, so your data is completely safe. Your bank details cannot be stolen if you use LTC.

In addition, LTC users can enjoy a higher withdrawal speed. You will receive money in minutes, and you will not have to wait for days. However, the use of Litecoin cryptocurrency also has some disadvantages. The main drawback of Litecoin is that the coin does not have a stable price. The value of the currency is constantly changing according to the market price.


Using Litecoin cryptocurrency does not require much effort from casino players. All you need is to open an LTC wallet, buy crypto coins, find casinos that accept Litecoin, and connect a gaming wallet and crypto wallet. LTC casinos will also please you with such benefits as anonymity, security, and bonuses. So, hurry up to try out the Litecoin payment method and enjoy various benefits.